Amelia Earhart Day is a day about an amazing woman who had a normal life, and then decided to get her degree to fly. She has been an interesting sight to see with her story and remarkable lifestyle. In her childhood, she used a broken box as a sled and said “It’s just like flying!” And she did it all the time, and really enjoyed it.
The final flight of Amelia Earhart, she disappeared as well as her navigator, Fred Noonan. They set an attempt to fly around the world, when they became lost in the Pacific Ocean. On July 2, 1937, they headed on the difficult journey towards Howell Island in the Pacific. While still in radio communication, Amelia Earhart confirmed that she was having difficulty finding the island. Then, Suddenly, radio communications faded and died. The plane was never heard from or seen ever again.
The disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane resulted in the largest search of all time. To this day, no one knows as to what caused the disappearance. The U.S. navy searched over 250,000 miles of ocean to find nothing.
So people Celebrate by learning and reading about Amelia Earhart. This day celebrates the birth of Amelia Earhart on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas. She was also very popular for writing best-selling books about her flying experiences. People have even written songs about her, and is now known as the pioneer who tried to set the record of flying around the world on a dangerous journey.

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