State Fireworks LawsWhen the 4th of July rolls around each year, it’s perfectly natural to want to make a run to your local fireworks store. However, many people live in states that have laws prohibiting the use of fireworks. People in some states will even drive as far as 3 states away to get some fireworks for their party, and then illegally transport them back across their homes state lines. Such activities can lead to some very hefty fines or even jail time, but you might not need to go through such extreme channels to get fireworks.

Even in states where fireworks are illegal, most states allow certain types of “novelty” fireworks such as snakes, snaps, and sparklers. While this isn’t true in every state, most states provide different fireworks classifications compared to the traditional types of fireworks like mortars, firecrackers, and roman candles. Below you will find links to fireworks laws for each state to help clear up any confusion.

As you can see from the pages listed above, fireworks laws can vary greatly from state to state. Your best bet is to give your local fire department a phone call to see what is specifically permitted and what is specifically prohibited before you start launching fireworks at your 4th of July barbecue. You always want to follow your local fireworks regulations.

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