There are many interesting wedding facts, statistics, and traditions of which many brides-to-be are unaware. Most of this information will actually blow your mind a little, as most of these things are not at all what you would expect. Below, we have laid out a few sections of the most interesting facts, statistics, and traditions about weddings. Hopefully, this information will help you if you’re planning a trivia game, or you may just find it interesting.

Popular Places to Wed

Most people think of cities like Las Vegas when they think of common places to get married, but did you know that the most popular city in the world to get married is Istanbul, Turkey, with over 166,000 weddings each year? That’s that is one interesting wedding statistic.

Popular Times to Get Married

Many people think of summer as the perfect time to get married, and they would definitely be in the majority of brides and grooms. June is the most popular wedding month of the year, raking in a cool 10.8% of all weddings. June is closely followed, though, by August with 10.2%, July with 9.7%, and September with 9.6%. This proves that there are several popular dates and seasons for weddings.

Interesting U.S. Wedding Trends

There are some interesting trends that show up in U.S. wedding statistics. For instance, about 2.3 million couples wed every year in the US. That breaks down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day. Furthermore, the average age of a groom is 27 years old, and the average wedding budget is a whopping $20,000. That averages out to be nearly $72 billion per year for weddings in the United States alone.

Wedding Traditions

There are many tried and true wedding traditions that have stood the test of time, but there are also many new trends emerging as a new generation of people are tying the knot. As a relatively new trend, 10% of wedding are now utilizing wedding sparklers as part of the celebration; while the tradition of throwing rice is down to a meager 4% of weddings. Only 24% are having post-reception parties, while destination weddings are on the rise with approximately 15% of newlyweds getting hitched somewhere else besides home. As you can see, wedding traditions are rapidly evolving.

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