Sky LanternsSky lanterns are quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends at United States weddings. Though they have been around for centuries in other areas of the world such as China, sky lanterns are just gaining the popularity in America to be called a new wedding tradition. While many people hadn’t heard of sky lanterns until recently, they actually have a long history throughout many areas of Asia as being a quintessential element to any type of celebration. With sky lanterns becoming a new wedding tradition in the United States, I thought it would be nice to take a closer look at sky lanterns in general.

Sky lanterns are noted as bringing along a symbolism that is an ideal fit for any wedding celebration. Also called wish lanterns by some people, sky lanterns are the perfect way to show visually the joining of 2 people through lighting and releasing the sky lantern as a couple. Sky lanterns are said to bring good fortune and prosperity to a newly married couple’s lives, which is considered to be the largest reason for their increasing fame and growing amount of use at weddings.

Many brides and grooms also like to use sky lanterns at their wedding for large group aerial displays by distributing sky lanterns to each of their guests and releasing them all together. This can make for some amazing and memorable photo opportunities, as well as offer your wedding guests a way to participate in the wedding. Your friends and family are certain to enjoy the wonderful sight as the sky lanterns float off into the sunset or starlight, and many newlyweds say that they were the most talked about and memorable part of their whole wedding day.

They are also a great choice when used as a wedding favor to leave on your reception tables. Many brides-to-be discover that this is an excellent way to stretch their wedding budget, since distributing sky lanterns as wedding favors and making them part of your ceremony fills out the day with just one item and makes for a fun experience. This can earn you some extra budget room compared to buying a different wedding favor for each guest and spending money for some type of activity for your guests as part of your wedding ceremony, and that additional money can be used on any number of different things. It’s also good for the pocketbook because you can buy just 1 sky lantern for every 2 guests since they require 2 people to use them properly.

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