Bottle SparklersThe availability of bottle sparklers has quickly revolutionized VIP bottle service for bars and nightclubs, as well as provided a great way to showcase desserts at a restaurant. Even wedding receptions are sharing in the fun that bottle sparklers can offer as part of their champagne ceremonies. With so many great uses and options, we decided to put together this guide to buying bottle sparklers to help you choose the right concepts for your upcoming event.

The title “bottle sparklers” essentially lays out exactly what you are going to receive. Champagne bottle sparklers are used by either sliding them into the neck of the bottle, or by attaching them to the side of the neck with a rubber band, tape, or a sparkler safety clip. Champagne bottle sparklers generate more of a fountain type effect versus to other styles of sparklers which makes them perfect for capturing people’s attention in areas without a lot of light.

Many bars and nightclubs have said they’ve had sales increases of over 50% simply by using bottle sparklers to showcase their VIP bottle service. When bringing a bottle to a customer, everyone in the club or bar sees the sparklers and wants the same level of attention brought to their table. Restaurants also have found a use for what bottle sparklers have to offer, and consistently use them as a way to draw attention to their special dessert or to enhance a birthday party celebration.

Probably the trendiest way to use bottle sparklers is also one of the newest and most developing. In recent years, bottle sparklers have started to be used as part of the champagne ceremony at wedding receptions, and the popularity is starting to skyrocket. Placing a few bottle sparklers into a normal champagne toast not only adds some extra flare and excitement, but it also offers a way to entertain your guests and make the whole ceremony more unforgettable for all involved.

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