36" Wedding Sparklers36” wedding sparklers are the longest lasting and most visually appealing sparklers you can use at your wedding. Burning for nearly 4 minutes each, 36” wedding sparklers seem to burn for an eternity. With their long burn time and huge sparkling effects, it’s easy to see why 36 inch wedding sparklers are one of the most popular choices for couples wanting the fun that sparklers bring to their wedding celebration.

One of the most popular ways to use 36” wedding sparklers is for a sparkler sendoff line; also called a “sparkling tunnel”. Sendoff lines are an age-old tradition that has transcended generations of wedding ceremonies, but adding sparklers to the fun is a somewhat new concept. 36” wedding sparklers are a perfect fit for this type of use because they burn for so long. This allows everyone to light their sparklers and still provide plenty of time for the newlyweds to make there dash towards the getaway car.

Additionally, 36” wedding sparklers make for some of the most fabulous wedding photos you can imagine. Because they are “low smoke”, you won’t get a bunch of haze in the backgrounds of your photos, and the huge effects are really easy to capture on film. You can create some very memorable moments by using 36” wedding sparklers in your photos, and with some creativity, they are certain to be some of your favorite moments from your entire ceremony or reception.

In the end, the amount of ways to use 36” wedding sparklers as part of your special day is virtually limitless. There are always fresh ideas popping up on social media and other great online resources, so just stay tuned in for other great ideas. With a little creativity and a handful of 36” wedding sparklers, you can make your already special day even more memorable, fun, and exciting for yourself and all the guests in attendance.

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