20" Wedding SparklersIn the wedding sparklers marketplace, by far the best selling and most sought after size is 20” wedding sparklers. There are many factors that play a role in the popularity of this specific size, most notably their low price and perfect burn time. This makes them a perfect choice for sendoff lines and wedding photos, because they are the perfect blend between these two crucial factors. We will explores the reasons that 20” wedding sparklers have become the standard and most popular size for discerning brides to incorporate into their wedding day celebration.

When compared to other sizes of sparklers, 20” wedding sparklers stand out because they burn for approximately two minutes each. This is a key selling point, because this is the perfect amount of time to light all the sparklers, hand them out, and do either your sendoff line or pose for classic wedding pictures. When considering the idea of buying shorter wedding sparklers, the burn time may seem insufficient to accomplish your intended use. This is why the two minute burn time that 20” wedding sparklers offer is such a crucial part of their unparalleled popularity as the definitive choice for weddings.

Furthermore, they are very competitively priced versus other sizes of sparklers while maintaining a large advantage with their burn time. Rather than needing to buy several sparklers for each person or having sparklers that are way too long and cumbersome, 20” wedding sparklers offer a perfect “one per person” ratio. While there are certainly less expensive options, only needing to buy one sparkler for each guest and not wasting any of the “sparkle” effects because they were too long makes 20” wedding sparklers the best value dollar-for-dollar.

Last, but not least, the design of 20” wedding sparklers also indoor use because they produce little or no smoke while they burn. While this is also true for other sizes of wedding sparklers, the size and duration of 20” wedding sparklers makes them the clear choice for wedding photos; which is where the low smoke design can best be appreciated. The unnoticed perk with this is that you are able to use your 20” wedding sparklers indoors, which is usually a vital and important factor when making your wedding sparklers purchase.

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