Motorcycle TiresThe reason why motorcycle tires cup is something many people wonder. The reasons can vary from your brake system configuration and usage to the quality of your motorcycle tires.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts wonder why motorcycle tires cup. While tire cupping is a normal part of the wear and tear on any motorcycle tire, there are a few things you can do to reduce how quickly the tires start to noticeably cup. Much of this has to do with the way the brakes are set up on your motorcycle, and how you conduct your braking operations. Due to the fact that your motorcycle is relying on only two points of friction for traction, your motorcycle tires will wear quicker than the tires on an automobile. It’s important to keep your tires in good condition, and replace them if they are becoming too worn.

Braking Causes Tires to Cup

The way you set up and use your brake system is a major factor in why motorcycle tires cup. If your brakes are set up correctly, you should be distributing power appropriately to each wheel. This can vary greatly depending on your cruising speed or the model of your motorcycle, but you should be using both your front and rear brakes in tandem while braking. This will ensure an even distribution of wear between the front and rear tires.

One of the most common reasons for excessive tire cupping on a motorcycle is due to a rider only using the front brake while stopping. You will see these effects emphasized on a motorcycle that is used primarily for commuting or stop and go traffic. If you utilize both your front and rear brakes in tandem while stopping, the rear brake system assists the front brake system and reduces the amount of cupping that occurs on the front tire over time. While tire cupping is an unavoidable side effect of riding, properly balancing your front and rear braking can substantially increase the longevity of your front motorcycle tire.

Which Tires Cup the Least?

If one or both of your motorcycle tires cup excessively, a contributing factor can be the quality or design purpose of your tires. When choosing a set of tires, you should make your selection based on how you will be spending most of your time riding the motorcycle. For instance, if you will be doing most of your riding in a city or urban environment, you should not choose motorcycle tires that are designed for high performance riding. Likewise, a set of all purpose tires will wear and cup faster when used for performance riding or burnouts. Tire selection is crucial when trying to eliminate excessive wear and cupping, so you should choose appropriately for your particular riding style.

What Benefits My Tires the Most?

Although each motorcycle is different, it’s always good practice to buy the best tires within your budget. Motorcycle tires are forced to endure a tremendous amount of stress, which is why it’s important to keep them in good condition and replace them as necessary. On the other hand, proper braking habits can greatly reduce the amount of wear on both the tires and the brake system components.

Overall, both factors are equally important when trying to reduce the amount your motorcycle tires cup. Although cupping can be caused by a variety of things, tire quality and improper braking are the most common reasons why motorcycle tires cup. In the end, you will find the most success with a combination of quality motorcycle tires and balanced braking habits.

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