Automotive PaintWhen searching for the best ready to spray automotive paint, it’s important to understand the different types of auto paints that are available. While most paint is either an acrylic lacquer or acrylic urethane, you will need three different types of paint for the steps required to properly complete the job. These three layers of paint are called the primer coat, base coat and clear coat. Each coat uses a unique type of paint tailor made for purpose of the layer.

Different Paint for Each Coat

The first coat of paint you will spray after you have completed your body work and sanding is the primer coat. The primer coat provides the foundation for the base coat, allowing for maximum bonding to increase longevity and even paint coverage. When it comes to primer, the best ready to spray automotive paint is a one part acrylic lacquer. To apply the primer, simply shake it and fill up your paint gun. Spray it evenly, being fairly liberal to ensure complete coverage.

The second coat of paint you will spray after the primer coat has dried and been prepped is the base coat. The base coat is actual color you will see when the paint job is complete. Although you sprayed a coat of primer, it may take two or more coats to cover apply the base coat evenly. The best ready to spray base coat paint is basic urethane auto paint. To use a urethane base coat, simply shake it, stir it, and fill up your paint gun. Be sure to apply your base coat using long strokes to ensure an even overlap without any paint runs.

The final coat to finish off the paint job is called the clear coat. The clear coat provides the glossy shine that most people want out of their car’s finish, but it also provides much needed protection to the base coat from the sun and from scratches. To properly apply the clear coat, it will take four or five even coats for proper coverage. When it comes to the clear coat, the best ready to use auto paint is acrylic lacquer. While acrylic urethane is regarded as the highest quality, it is also very temperamental to the conditions you’re using it in. When you need something that’s ready to spray without too many complications, the best choice is acrylic lacquer.

Which Brand and Where do I Buy It?

While the paint brands DuPont, Anzahl and PPG are regarded as popular choices, the quality of auto paint is more about the type than the name on the label. You can get high quality auto paint right from your local body shop, or there are dozens of online shops that will ship it right to your garage. In fact, there are several excellent websites where you can buy discounted paint for your car, just use Google to find some options. Also, many auto part stores are carrying auto paint now, making your options virtually limitless when it comes time to make your paint purchase.

Regardless if you buy your paint from the local body shop or order custom colors directly from DuPont, the best ready to spray automotive paint is the one that’s simplest to use. Painting your car or truck is a huge task, so you want paint that’s easy to apply. As long as you use the right type of paint for each coat, ready to spray paint is the best choice for anyone who want to paint their own vehicle.

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