ATVWhen transporting your ATV on a trailer, it is very important to make sure it is properly secured. The last thing you want is your ATV to fly off the trailer and become damaged or to injure another driver on the road. In this tutorial, we will discuss the proper steps to prepare your ATV for transport, as well as the correct type of straps that should be used to make your ATV hold down on trailer.

Preparing the ATV for Transport

The first step to transporting your ATV is to attach the trailer to your vehicle. This is very important because you want to make sure the trailer is stable before attempting to load on the ATV. Once the trailer is properly attached to the vehicle, place the ATV into first gear and slowly drive it up the ramp onto the trailer. You want the ATV to be centered just behind the rear axle; meaning that most of the weight will be distributed to the rear of the trailer. This will allow for a smoother ride while towing, and reduce the impact the ATV has on your gas mileage. Once you have the ATV on the trailer, shut it off and lock the brakes.

Tying Down the ATV on the Trailer

Now that the ATV has been properly positioned on the trailer and the brakes are locked, it is time to strap down the ATV to keep it from bouncing and moving while it is in transport. The best type of strap for this is called a ratchet strap. Ratchet straps will allow you tighten down the ATV with great strength, and minimal effort. To keep your ATV hold down on trailer, you will need four ratchet straps.

Start by attaching the hook from the first strap to a corner of the ATV. You can do the corners in any order, and the brush guard or cargo rack work as great anchor points. Next, hook the other end of the strap to the proper fastening plate on the frame of the trailer. Each trailer is a little different, so use your best judgment as to where it should be attached. Then, ratchet down the ATV to the trailer until the suspension compresses about two inches. This will exert enough downward force on the ATV’s tires to keep them from sliding or bouncing while in transport. Repeat these steps for the other three corners of the ATV and you’re ready blaze those trails.

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