Fluval Chi AquariumThe Fluval Chi aquarium kit, also known as the Fluval Nano, is designed to combine ease and beauty into one simple package. If you are passionate about your freshwater aquarium, then you have probably seen a Fluval Chi aquarium kit before. The Fluval Chi goes a step beyond the traditional aquarium by integrating dazzling illumination and the calming effects of flowing water to the experience. The Fluval Chi aquarium is designed to combine ease and beauty into one simple and comprehensive package.

What’s in the Box?

The Fluval Chi aquarium kit includes everything for your freshwater aquarium except for fish and water. In the box, you will find a five gallon aquarium with base, low voltage filter system, complete LED lighting system, plant box and basket, gravel basket and pebbles, and all the chemicals you need to get your aquarium up and running. The baskets really come in handy since you can fill them with pebbles, rinse them, and place them in the aquarium with the greatest of ease. Just as it is advertised, the Fluval Chi aquarium kit gives you everything you need for your freshwater aquarium.

Overall Review of the Fluval Chi Aquarium

From the moment I opened the box, I could tell that this was a high quality freshwater aquarium. The aquarium itself is absolutely beautiful, with a very nice glossy polish and convenient cube shape. The acrylic is fairly thick on the walls of the aquarium, much thicker than other freshwater aquariums I’ve seen. The sound of the low voltage filter is very relaxing, and the appearance is nothing less than the best I’ve ever experienced. The filter mimics a Chinese fountain, trickling water gently over stones to create an effect that resemble the sound of a natural stream or creek to complete the scene. As long as you thoroughly rinse the gravel and filter before you fill the tank with water, you will not have excessive algae build-up or problems with the water being cloudy.

The LED lighting system that is included with the Fluval Chi aquarium kit is very cool as well. The gentle lighting is a pleasant enhancement to the aquarium, providing ambiance to the entire scene. Also, since LED lights last an incredibly long time, the lights are sure to last longer than most of the fish in the aquarium.

Likely to be my favorite part of the aquarium kit, the removable gravel baskets allow for easy setup and cleaning of your pebbles or gravel. You only need to remove enough water to compensate for the displacement caused by your arms, then reach in and lift the whole tray out of the tank. This cool feature makes it easy to clean your gravel every time you do a partial water change in your aquarium. Overall, the Fluval Chi aquarium kit is the perfect choice for any freshwater enthusiast.

Where to Buy the Kit

You can buy a Fluval Chi aquarium kit from several online stores including Amazon. Most local and chain pet stores will carry Fluval brand aquariums, providing that they have a fish section in their store. Good examples of such stores are Petsmart and Petco, which carry a vast array of Fluval aquariums and accessories. Typically, you can expect to pay $60 to $70 for the Fluval Chi aquarium, depending on where you buy it, and it is worth every penny. For more information about the Fluval Chi aquarium kit, please visit the Fluval website.

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