ATV Oil ChangeIn order for your Honda ATV to run properly, you need keep up on regular maintenance. One of the most important things to keep up on is oil changes. There are many Honda ATV oil change kits available to simplify the procedure, and I’ll discuss where to find one and how to change the oil.

To change the oil in your Honda ATV, you will need to gather a few tools. The tools you will need for this job are a ratchet and socket set, and oil drain pan, and a funnel. A pair of latex gloves is also a good idea, but they aren’t necessary. The rest of what you need will be included in the Honda ATV oil change kit.

Where to Get an Oil Change Kit

It is important to understand that most companies do not offer an oil change “kit”, as the only two items you need to change your Honda ATV oil is an oil filter and fresh oil. To put together a Honda ATV oil change kit, you need to buy the right oil filter for you particular ATV. A good source for ATV oil filters is K&N Filters. I suggest using a K&N filter because they are widely regarded as the best in the business.

Next, you will need the correct type of oil for your ATV. Usually, the type of oil will be clearly labeled on the oil fill cap, which is which is where you will pour your new oil into the engine. A good choice for your Honda ATV is going to be Honda HP GN4 20w-50. It’s specifically designed for Honda ATV and Motorcycle motors, and offers year-round performance for any type of 4-stroke engine. You can find this oil in any number of reputable catalogs for Honda ATV parts and products.

How to Change the Oil

First, you need to locate the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. The oil pan will look like metal tank protruding from the bottom of your ATV engine with a bolt sticking out the bottom. This bolt is the oil pan drain plug.

Once you have located the drain plug, position the oil drain pan underneath the plug so that when it is opened the oil will be collected in the pain to be properly discarded. Next, remove the oil filler cap from the engine. This will avoid a pressure build-up, allowing the oil to drain freely. Remove the drain plug from the oil pan to begin draining the oil. Once the oil has drained from the engine’s crankcase, put the washer and drain plug back into the oil pan and tighten it down.

Now that you have drained all the oil from the engine, you need to install the new oil filter from your Honda ATV oil change kit. First, move the oil drain pan to an area under the oil filter and unscrew the oil filter cover. Inspect the rubber seal that is along the rim of the oil filter cover for damage, and replace it with a new one if necessary.  Remove the oil filter from the filter stem. Clean the metal spring that is between the filter and engine housing and put it back on the filter stem.  Install the new oil filter with the rubber ring facing out and screw on the oil filter cover.

Now that your Honda ATV engine is ready to accept fresh oil, pour the recommended amount into the oil filler tube. Once the engine is filled with the proper amount of oil, screw on the oil filler cap. When you first start your ATV, it’s a good idea to let it idle for a minute to let all the fresh oil circulate in the bearings before you rev the engine. Check the engine after the first time you ride and top it off if needed, and you are ready to keep riding.

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