Bottle ServiceWhen you walk into any bar after just being at the liquor store, you’ll probably realize that you are about to overpay for your beer by about 200% compared to the actual retail cost. However, you also get the additional luxury of being at a place where everyone gathers together to mingle, so the extra money can easily be chalked up to a fee for using the venue. The same is true when you are at a nightclub, except the customers typically have a much larger wad of cash in their pocket that is just waiting to fall on the bar top.

One of the best ways to pry those hundred dollar bills from their “kung fu grip” is to offer bottle service for buying premium quality liquor. Only the highest rollers will even attempt to buy bottle service, but this is exactly what you want to accomplish. The minute bottle service is affordable to everyone in the room, the entire point is lost and there’s no longer going to be the demand you once enjoyed. By setting the price of bottle service just high enough to make it attractive to the people with the most cash, you can keep demand up while continuing to see growing profits.

What Is Bottle Service?

Essentially, bottle service is allowing your customers to buy an entire bottle of liquor for their table and have it poured the way they like it by a personal server. Bottle service is typically only offered for the highest priced liquor in your nightclub, but sometimes it is also used to sell expensive champagne. Besides just giving the customer their own bottle and a server to pour their drinks, the bar will usually present it with something special like bottle service sparklers or another attention grabbing item. If you’re not drawing tons of attention to the table that ordered bottle service, nobody will know it exists or see the value in paying all that money.

Benefits of Offering Bottle Service

Offering bottle service to your guests has many benefits, but the most obvious one is more profits. You can charge a lot more for a premium bottle than a regular rail brand, and making these bottles available at a “discounted” price can be very attractive. Additionally, you are setting yourself up to have wealthier people come into your club, and perhaps even famous people. The top tier of consumers will not go to a nightclub that doesn’t offer VIP service, so having bottle service available at a premium price can bring in the bigger spenders. You may also consider having a special section for bottle service customers such as a private area or balconies. Regardless of how you offer your bottle services, you are sure to see a big increase in profits from day one.

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