BrandsDragon is devoted to innovation. We’re an expert Exporter not only within our products but additionally in the manner we conduct business. From professional designing of impressive products, top quality manufacturing services to worldwide support and sales. It is devoted to supplying the top technology at the smallest prices. We still add services to the existing products and that we are constantly looking for increasing our products to assist us for making our site a one stop purchasing place for our customers.

Our components which are in the leading edge of new technology are utilized in hi-tech items like Cellphones , PDAs, Electronic Gadgets, Mobile phones, Interactive pagers, Consumer Electronics and various cuastomer products. Every single day our products are now being developed in towards the latest electronic items that take presctiption enter boards at main electronic companies through the planet.

Our skills is in offering whatever the customer likes. We could go that step further to arrange our components to suit the wants of our consumers . Nearly all the occasion we are need to improve our effective products to match the requirements of our consumers at no added charge. We’re sure the products bought through all of us is going to be of excellent high quality as well as the cost of the products additionally inexpensive. The goods are great within high quality and that’s the reason behind the improvement within nearby as well as within international marketplaces.

Our Objectives:
1. To deal with our buyers to make their businesses grow.
2. To export best quality products at a affordable price for our customers.
3. To help our costumer’s shopping needs at any side.
4.To enhance our buyer’s competitiveness and productivity.

*A wide team of customer support staffs for your services all days , offering a best product advice.
*Long time warranties for our products.
*We also assist you to select our goods as per your requirements.

The Creator
* Top in sale of customer’s electronic products.
* More than Thousands satisfied consumers.

Accessibility of Products
There are many goods available in our store which you can select from.

Secure Payment Process
We have chosen best partners to ensure the safety of customer payment method.

Choice of payments method
For payment options you can select either Pay pal or Credit card.

Fast Delivery
We are realiabe for fast Delivery services. You can avail your products within a short time based on the area of the items to be delivered. And after the distribution of your prodcuts the delivery time is up to min 2 days through any services such as Courier.

Guarantee of products
Basically all have product Guarantee is only 1 to 3 years. Here we give our product has guaranteed as specific period of range. The customer alone responsible for dealing with guarantee of the producers.

Efficient Customer Services
For all our products the orders you placed are go through our customer call centre which reveals the interests of all. You may also be touch with us through our website.


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