What we are discussing is RAM (random access memory) When people talk about pc or computer memory this is what they are referring to.

Most people find that installing more memory in your computer can be quite cheap, and is usually pretty helpful. It allows you to do more tasks, more efficiently. For instance having more memory could help an excel spreadsheet to run a calculation faster. Opening up two Internet browsers wouldn’t cause the whole computer to get slower. Even opening up a computer program to run it would be faster.

In today’s computing world, you need at a very minimum 1GB of memory, and if you’re going to be using Windows 7, you’d be better start off with at least 2GB of memory. While you’ll find high-end systems come with 4-8GB or more of memory.

However, knowing that you need memory is the easy part. Finding what memory you need for your specific computer is the hard part. It would be much simpler if it was like DVD’s, every DVD runs in every DVD player. However, memory comes in different sizes, speed ratings and they are not all compatible with each other.

When you have a laptop the problem is especially apparent. Laptops are notorious for not having much space for memory, and being picky about the memory that will run in them. Usually the users manual or the website of the computer company can help you determine what type of memory you need to upgrade.

But, even that’s not enough. It’s important to know that there is space in the PC for the extra memory. Each computer can have from 2 to 4 or more slots for memory. Once you match the memory to the computer, now you have to verify that there is room for the extra memory. For instance if you have two memory slots, and the computer came with 512MB of memory, but it has no slots available. If you needed to get 1GB of memory, you could either buy two 512MB slots and replace what’s already in there, or you could buy one 1GB stick, and replace one of them giving you a grand total of 1GB + 256MB. Complicated I know, but necessary so that you don’t waste your money.

There are numerous websites that give detailed requirements of many of the computers and the memory requirements of each. Most of them are provided by the leading memory manufacturers like Crucial, and are very good resources. .
Also do a search on Yahoo or Google. You can find lots of results and step by step info on memory upgrdes.

As for cost effectiveness upgrading the computer memory is the most efficient upgrade path for most computers. And rather than going out and buying a new computer every few years, an increase in RAM is often enough to do the trick.
Doing a RAM upgrade is’nt very difficult. It shouldn’t take you more than a few mins. Just do a little research first then take your time and unplug all the wires on the back of the pc. Label them if you need so you put them all back in the
right place. Then put your computer on the table and open it up. Place the new ram sticks in the slots and your ready to go. Now you should see a big difference in performance.

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