Starting a Halo Reach clan can be pretty cool. It takes a strong leader. It’s sweet when you get your homies online and ready to throw down in some games.

First off figure out what name fits the feel of the clan you are making. The clan name is very important. It will set the theme and types of recruits that will join up. Photoshop a logo for the clan. And your done!

What do you do next? – Clan Recruiting!

After your clan has a style. The next thing to do is to recruit players. One of the first online communities for clan recruiting and clan matches is The clans has been around for years.

You will need find some strong skilled friends. It is a bit tougher to get the members to work as a clan. Often clashes of egos and a battle for strong leadership will cause disagreements in strategy. Designating a strong leader at first is neccessary.

As soon as you have started your clan. It’s time for battle. There are many battle communities available. is the perfect place to get clan matches.

Ask around the forum for scrimmages and get to know other teams and you will never have a challenge finding clan matches.

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