Citizens who snore may not want to take prescription drugs. Almost everyone with a snoring problem wants to prevent a surgical solution. You may want to consider a stop snoring home remedie first.

Make sure you lift up your head and try to sleep on your side. Some people have secured a tennis ball or stuffed animal to the back of their sleeping shirt. Your body feels that when you try to lay on your back and you naturally move back to a side position.

Some folks have good luck with nose strips or a bandage. It helps keep the airway open all night. A few sips of milk or a couple tablespoons of yogurt at bedtime may help you breathe easier.

Many folks find that a fingertip of menthol oil dabbed under the nose opens your sinus cavity. Eucalyptus oil is another favorite at bedtime. Both oils can be added to a vaporizer or rubbed on your chest.

Some chronic snorers experiment with ginger and wild yam to reduce throat inflammation. It may be more palatable when mixed with a bit of natural honey. You might like the taste better when it is naturally sweetened.

A number of people say that simple marjoram unblocks airways. For many people, lavender is used to help them relax and promote sound sleep. These herbs can be stored in open jars in your bedroom.

Quit smoking and you will notice an amelioration in your breathing. You also save money and diminish your chances of other health drawbacks. This is a key step in improving your overall health.

Exercise can be as simple as life sports. Take a daily walk or hike around the mall. Try dusting off your bike or break out a paddle and use your canoe or kayak.

Many people claim that singing strengthens your throat muscles. Strong throat muscles may reduce the vibrating that contributes to snoring. A combination of these strategies may have you singing instead of snoring in no time at all.

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