A French Coffee Press, sometimes referred to as a plunge pot, is seen as a common coffee brewer in lots of European households, considering they are great alternatives to the single or 2 cup automatic drip coffee machines. Nevertheless these coffee makers are not only a pretty simple technical kitchen appliance, they are a cute kind of art.

The common French Press is made up of straight-sided pot, that is made out of borosilicate glass for being durable and heat-resistant as well as a filter-plunger which forces through the water once the coffee has steeped and also serves as a cover. At the bottom of the plunger is a thing attached which functions as a filter. As this filtration system comes with bigger holes than a filter from the common drip machines, it is recommended to try coffee of a coarser grind since finer coffee grounds definitely will leak through the filter straight into the coffee.

Making coffee using a French Pot is a simple approach. Just fill the required amount of ground coffee into the glass carafe and add in pre-boiled hot water. Mix this content and put the loosened plunger on top, just below the water line. This helps retaining the temperature. Give time to steep for only a few moments and press the plunger together with the filter down.

Depending on the amount of servings boiled, it is recommended to refill the coffee straight into an insulated serving pot. You wouldn’t want the coffee to remain in contact with the grinds since it keeps brewing and will spoil your coffee and also you may plan to keep it warm. A French Press Pot is simply not effectively insulated and your coffee cools down really quick.

The coffee made with a French Press is definitely much stronger when compared to what you use to be familiar with from the automatic drip machine and will also hold the oil from the coffee beans that usually is left behind in devices working with a paper filter. You also must know that there is certainly a small amount of coffee sediment within your cup of French Press Coffee.

Once you tried coffee from a French Press Coffee Maker you will realise that this is the last coffee maker you ever will buy.

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