You don’t have to let being pregnant stop you from exercising. There are many good reasons, actually, to maintain your fitness level during pregnancy. Studies have shown that keeping up a moderate level of activity will help you feel better not only during pregnancy but afterward as well. Here are some guidelines to help you stay fit during your pregnancy.

One reason to work out with weights when you’re pregnant is to make it easier to return to your pre-pregnancy weight and level of fitness after your baby is born. There is proof that exercising during your pregnancy plays an important role in losing weight and recovering your fitness after giving birth.

Furthermore, it has been proven that the ideal exercise regimen combines both weight training and cardio. Of course, certain modifications are necessary, such as working out with lighter weights than normally, but the fact is that moderate weight training will make it easier for you to lose weight later. While exercise will help you avoid gaining too much fat during your pregnancy and help you stay fitter, you shouldn’t expect to lose weight until after giving birth.

You will need to avoid certain movements and positions even if exercise can be very beneficial during pregnancy. For one thing, you shouldn’t do exercises that make you bend from the hips, or lifting weights or any heavy objects over your head. So, if you’re lifting weights you wouldn’t want to do an overhead press while pregnant. You should also stay away from exercises that target the abdominal region. In general, it’s safest to avoid any movements where you’re lying flat on your stomach or back. This may make it sound like you can’t do anything, but there are actually many exercises you can do while standing or seated and that are safe to do during pregnancy.

It would be irresponsible of you not to be careful and take some precautions, no matter how good weight training is for you when you are pregnant. Essentially, you want to use lighter weights and stay away from the heavier dumbbells. No one can give you an exact figure in terms of weights because it depends on your level of strength and if you’ve trained before or not. The general rule is to do more repetitions of exercises with lighter weights. This will allow you to get all the benefits of working your various muscle groups without straining yourself. You need to remember that the goal of weight training during your pregnancy is to stay fit and not to become stronger.

Clearly, it is not only possible to weight train and do body sculpting workouts during your pregnancy, but it is recommended for the benefits it provides. However, it is a good idea to consult your doctor on your new workout and make sure that you don’t overdo it. You will feel much better during your pregnancy, and afterwards, if you exercise regularly but in moderate amounts, which is a proven fact.

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