The beginning of summer is the time when many football teams and colleges give their equipment to the next generation.Most of the times there is more than one way to get what you need.Normally, organizations would recycle all their gear every single year, but there are few elite clubs however which buy new pairs instead of recycling the old ones

A uniform, shoulder pads and a helmet – this is the minimum equipment you need to train and play football and that’s what you will get usually for the next season.Keep in mind that the helmets should be reconditioned each year and the proof that this has been done is a sticker on them that they have made it through the certification.It would be great if the reconditioning and certification is done by companies such as Ridell or Shutt.So do not forget to check your helmet for this sticker, and if you do not see it, return the helmet.There are some organizations which have more money than others an they will give you a new helmet.

When you are trying whether the helmet fits ensure you monitor the process too.Most football organizations have an experienced person who is responsible for fitting the helmets on the youngsters.All in all, it should fit firm.The last thing you want is a helmet allowing free movement of your kid’s head.It should fit well and not be able to more from side to side.There should be no space between the jaw pads and the bone, as well as between the front pad and the forehead.Check the back of the skull area too, because it should also fit firmly.These are general advices however, not some full guides on what to do.

Another item you need to make sure fits well is the shoulder pads.The easiest way to test this is to move the plastic part upwards and check whether the soft area of the pad covers the entire shoulder area.Next step is making sure there are no pieces of metal sticking out of the pad.The last thing to have a look at is the clamps – which includes proper fitting of the clamps and ensuring the straps are working fine.

Girdles, rib guards and pads for the pants are the pieces of equipment you might also get.But do not accept them before having a look at them too, and if what you see is not what you want to get, then just purchase one.You could find many quality equipments for little money

To sum up, while picking your kid’s equipment, do not get rushed that easily.And don’t try to annoy people around you, just calm down and choose the gear that fits your son best.It will not be the easiest day for you as you will have to take the responsibility yourself

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