When it comes building a home for your dog, there are a couple of important things you need to think about before starting. By reviewing these simple points you will make sure that you build a home that is strong and sturdy, and just perfect for your dog.

1 – Dog House Plans
One of the main things you need to clear up is are you going to get work plans to use, or are you going to build as you go and see where the outcome takes you?
Personally I would always advise that you try to find a good set of plans. These are usuallyunexpensive and will save you many hours in the long run. A decent set of instructions will explain exactly what materials you need, the tools you should use and what you need to do to create your dog house from scratch.

2 – Covering
Another important factor you need to consider when building the house, is do you want to build an insulated dog house? This will require the correct material and will usually take a little more time and skill to put into place. Most instructions will include this though and although it takes a little longer, it is not all that hard to install the correct insulation. Your dog will thank you as he is kept warm and dry during the cold Winter months.

3 – What’s the cost
You will need to establish exactly how much you can afford to spend on a dog house. Most people that build their own already save up to 70% on the total cost just by doing it themselves. This is a huge saving. Expense is another good reason to get a decent set of dog house plans so that you know up-front exactly what you need and what it will cost you. This prevents any unforeseen expenses creeping in at a later stage.

To read more about building a dog house try out the How To Build A Dog House site.

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