Insomnia is a very common disorder and it is estimated that one third of adult Americans have had it.

If you happen to be having problems going to sleep or find yourself often waking up at night time then try these helpful suggestions for insomnia.

1. Decrease your caffeine. Chances are you may think you have to have coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks to help you carry on during the entire working day but they can lead to a bad night’s rest. Caffeine can also leave you feeling tired in the morning that makes it tough to function until you drink further caffeine. If stopping caffeine totally is too difficult, you should try gradually reducing the amount you drink during the day. For instance, drink most of your caffeine in the morning, a lower amount throughout the day and then try to consume none later in the day.

2. Ensure that your bedroom is as dark as possible. Just about any light will activate your response to wake up. A dark room can usually be achieved by means of blackout blinds or thick lined curtains. When you’re travelling and being required to be away from home then a sleep mask is an very simple way to block out any light.

3. Be careful not to over sleep. It may seem surprising but a lot of people troubled with insomnia actually get too much sleep. Only turn in once you are tired, trying to compe yourself to get to sleep will not be successful. When you wake up in the morning, get out of bed and start your day. This should help you to feel tired the following evening. Don’t snooze in the daytime. When you have a disrupted night’s sleep it is tempting to nap the following day. However that may be prone to cause you a bad night’s rest the next night.

4. A lot of people are woken when asleep by unexpected noise such as dogs barking, car stereos playing or their loved one snoring. An easy remedy for this is to use a couple of earplugs that will stop all of the annoying sounds. A second choice is a sound conditioning system designed to play sounds such as rain, waves or rushing air. These kinds of soothing sounds hide the unwanted noises.

5. The pillow and mattress that you sleep on can create a great deal of difference to the quality of your sleep. Opt for a mattress that is as firm as you’re able to. A softer mattress can possibly give you a painful back and hurting muscles. Look at a range of pillows so you select one which is appropriate for you. You may also look at a full body pillow that will offer your full body support throughout the night.

By using the helpful tips above you’ll hopefully get a relaxing night’s sleep. If you should still find yourself suffering with insomnia for an extended length of time then it’s recommended that you see your doctor.

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