Now, granted, if you’ve a real child, beading projects are greatest put on hold. We know how our children like to put things in our mouths, but for people who can control that urge there is lots of projects that they could take part in.

Any kind of craft project at home that you can do as a family is a great one. You’re taking quality time with your children, they’re learning coordination and building self confidence. You might even be encouraging their life long career.

You do not need to have a grand craft shop available to you. Nearby shops like Wal-Mart, or K-Mart carry kits with age limits already recommended on the boxes. If you’ve a Micheals, AC Moore, or other craft store I’m confident they will have huge variety of beading projects available . Some Large chain book stores, even sell instructional book for children complete with long bright how to guidelines and all materials needed to do the job.

Beads are an excellent place to start. All you have to be able to do is thread string or leather or anything, through a bead. They are available in bright colors, a variety of sizes, and even in fun shapes. If they make something they don’t like, simply take them off and start again. Nothing is lost but time, and you can argue that that time spent was a teaching lesson all the same. They learned they did not like that.

Sharing is taught, as they may need to share beads with you, siblings, or friends. They it is a wonderful technique to teach giving; as if they like it, and make a lot, then they could give their time and skill as a gift to others.

Take the time for beading projects with your kids, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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