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The first game of the World Cup Cricket 2011 will be played on Saturday, February 19, 2011 between India vs Bangldesh at Mirpur. The Indians will try and avenge their defeat from the previous time the two sides had met in a World Cup. India will go in with all their top three players featuring in this game – Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. They will be the players to look out for in the game but if the top order does not get going, then, it will be left to the manner in which the middle plays.

And mind you this contest is going to be held on Bangladesh’s own soil where tens of thousands of wildly cheering fans would be rooting for their team. Indian fans would be there but they will be hugely outnumbered by Bangladeshi cricket team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the swashbuckling Indian captain has discounted the chances of any repeat. While Talking to Bangladesh in Mirpur, Bangladesh, Dhoni said, “Frankly, I have never thought about it, but we obviously don’t want a repeat”. But Dhoni is free to say what he thinks right, and we pray that he wins the game handsomely, but today he will have to prove on the Mirpur ground that he can do what he has been saying for months.

“A lot has been said about the gap that exists between matches. So we will look to go to [see] some historical monuments during these gaps,” he said, in a lighter vein, at a press conference here where captains of all 14 teams were present. Dhoni also made the opening remarks after Australia captain Ricky Ponting. “The next 35 to 45 days will be really interesting for cricket because it’s a mega event. Of course, you know that it will be held in sub-continental countries where cricket is among the biggest sports. I welcome all the other teams and ask them to enjoy the hospitality of the subcontinent and at the same enjoy cricket,” he said, dressed in navy blue team blazer.

When asked about his reaction to Suresh Raina coming close to missing the flight from Chennai to Dhaka, Dhoni said he was not too concerned. “Not really when you have a squad of 15 you don’t really mind it,” he said. “Anyway there is always someone to give a lift to a cricketer in India. I didn’t worry so much about it; just hoped all was well with him and which was the case.”

“Conditions we faced in both practice games [in India] were difficult. But we are actually quite happy going into our first game against Zimbabwe [in Ahmedabad on Monday] since arriving in the country two days before our first practice game,” he said. “We are looking ahead to the tournament. We are very proud of our record in the subcontinent as far as ODI cricket is concerned.”

Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara said that the real test for teams will come in the quarterfinals and semi-finals. “In a World Cup, you have got to be better than all the teams, not just the teams that you have mentioned [India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka]. Playing in from of home crowds and home grounds for most of the games will be quite important for us,” he said. ”

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