No kidding; social media has taken off like a space rocket in the past several years. Yet, among the fierce competition that is a part of everything online, Facebook is clearly way out in front of everyone, it seems. There are thousands if not millions of business markets among the 500 million people who use Facebook. The marketing opportunities available are enormous, and all you need to do is figure out a good way to set your sights on them. What follows next are several Facebook marketing tips we know will help you if only you will use them.

The first Facebook advertising tip is simple-start putting friends in your network. This is the one format that will give you the biggest chance to create good relationships and make tons of friends. The more trust you can get by making these relationships, the more results your advertising efforts will give you. Facebook gives you tools to locate friends and add them to your list. After you finish adding all of your friends, search for some of the people that are in your niche and befriend them. On Facebook, you can also see your new friends along with your current friends, which should aid you in growing your network quicker. Join networks that are associated with your niche. You will find networks in relation to everything on Facebook, almost every topic you can think of. You will find out that a lot of pros have their groups targeted towards making their businesses grow. You can literally make hundreds of contacts using these groups, but make sure you don’t go on an adding frenzy because that can get you banned from the site. Just use it right and only add those people who you think are really like you niche.

The viral Facebook app is potential power in their own right, and a lot of marketers are aware of that. The power of viral marketing is well known, and so if you develop a great app then it will be shared with a lot of people. It is important that your particular app centers on your particular market. It does not necessarily need to be whiz bang cool, but it needs to be fun and interesting.

App developers have reasonable rates/fees, so it is at least worth exploring.

Social marketing is something that people are still fumbling around a little bit over, but it is powerful and much can be done with it. Putting all your effort into Facebook and social marketing is fine, but don’t neglect all the other areas of IM.

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