Especially on documents, more than half of the world business flows by using offshore companies and tax havens. But what exactly are they? An offshore company or International Business Company (IBC), a way they may be titled occasionally, is actually any company registered in a country not in the country in which the owners of the company reside. Offshore companies are not subject to the laws and taxation of the country where the owner resides, but the country where the company is registered. Escaping taxes certainly is the main intention of such a company.

However offshore companies are not consequently located in Switzerland or even on exotic islands. Countries that register a good number of offshore companies include the USA as well as the UK, because they reap the benefits of application costs, costs earnt by US and UK accounting firms and law firms along with ongoing annual charges.

Taking advantage of varying tax rates between countries is just as old as taxation itself; it has been undoubtedly made use of by Greek sea traders in order to prevent taxes added by Athens and ever since the usage has grown. Without omission, all of the multinational companies take advantage of offshore company formation today as part of their structure, just to save taxes. As an example ,; in the United Kingdom Vodafone bypassing tax ?4bn of tax through offshore companies; Boots the Chemist went from UK to Switzerland saving around ?150m.

British retail stores; Amazon, Tesco, Asda, and WH Smith; pretty much all operate from the Channel Islands for them to save tax.

But offshore companies are not just designed for international businesses, or the super-rich. A former British colony where the Queen continues to be head of the state, Belize, is a fantastic example of a reliable, perfectly regulated as well as less costly choice meant for running an offshore company.

Methods to cut back on tax employing a Belize offshore company.

“Onshore” model
1. An UK Company invests in products at 300
2. It sells them for 500
3. It will pay tax on the 200 profit

Offshore Company Formation model (Owners of the UK company create an offshore company)
1. The offshore company invests in products at 300 (Once the offshore company purchases the goods, the paperwork is delivered to the offshore company, however the products are shipped right to the UK company)
2. The offshore company sells them promptly to the UK Company for 450
3. The offshore company takes its profit of 150 – but pays zero tax
4. The UK company sells them at 500 and will pay tax on the profit of 50

Thus taxable earnings of the UK Company has actually been decreased from 200 to 50.

Although the above illustration demonstrates the main advantage of having a Belize Company formation in lowering the taxable profit, Offshore Company Registrations can be obtained from a lot of different jurisdictions for instance Cyprus, Seychelles and much more.

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