For the very first time, antimatter continues to be captured by scientists. Researches at the European Nuclear Research Centre (CERN), in Geneva who have made the physics breakthrough claim to possess trapped dozens of hydrogen “antimatter” atoms.

This breakthrough, by no means prior to accomplished significantly boosts research into among the great puzzles of particle physics. It could potentially help physicists develop a better understanding concerning the nature and origins with the universe. The dramatic physics breakthrough could also assist unravel among the great unsolved mysteries with the universe.

”This is a main discovery,” said Prof Rob Thompson, the head of physics and astronomy in the University of Calgary, who was one of the lead scientists behind the undertaking.

“It could enable experiments that lead to dramatic adjustments towards the present see of fundamental physics or in confirmation of what we already know now.”

Based on concept expounded in 1931 from the eccentric British physicist Paul Dirac, antimatter is ordinary matter in reverse. When energy transforms into make any difference, it creates a particle and its mirror image – known as an anti-particle – which retains the opposite electrical cost. Atoms normally consist of positively charged nuclei and negatively charged orbiting electrons. Their antimatter counterparts have negatively charged nuclei and positively charged electrons.

When matching matter and antimatter particles meet they instantly annihilate each other in a tremendous outburst of energy. This really is the reason that for some time, antimatter has only existed because the stuff of science fiction. In theory, a single pound of antimatter would include more harmful energy than the largest H-bomb. But the procedure of creating and holding onto even small quantities of antimatter is so costly and difficult that the chances of it becoming utilized to create the greatest weapon are extremely remote.

The brand new research, published within the journal Nature, involves scientists working at CERN which plays a pivotal role within the Hollywood movie Angels & Demons. Read much more at Antimatter Captured By CERN article.

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