Wine accessories make it so much easier to fully enjoy your expensive bottles of wine in a safe, easy and controled manner. Too many people forget that when you buy a good red, you need to be able to open it and many people hurt themselves trying to somehow remove the cork without a proper corkscrew.

First and foremost with wine accessories, you need a corkscrew. Without it, you’re either reduced to buying screw-top bottles, which never taste the same as cork bottles, and if you choose a weak one, you will most likely break it, snap the head off the bottle or worse, push the cork inside.

This is why it’s important to choose a fairly heavyweight corkscrew, not only for the ease of use but it saves you ruining your bottle of wine. It wouldn’t happen to a cheaper bottle, it’ll always be the most expensive one that gets broken. This is why you should invest time and money into good, solid wine accessories.

Elegant and Exquisite Wine Accessories

Wine accessories can come in a range of materials, silver, stainless steel, gold, plastic or even glass ones, such as bottle stoppers. You need something that can withstand torque and tension, and that will last you for many years. It’s pointless buying one that will break and will most likely make you spill your red wine on your cream carpets!

Another important, if not the most, item is a nice set of wine glasses. Choose from fluted, long stems, short stems, crystal, glass or ornate ones. You can match them to your particular wines, although remember, red wine needs to areate and a wide-mouth of the glass is needed so you can swirl any sediments and aroma around the glass. You can see that we aren’t finished in detailing the multitude of available wine accessories.

Many people have a refridgerator that is only used for wine. It’s called a wine cooler and this has a rack inside that only holds bottles of standard wines. It’s perfect for people that live in warm climates or simply enjoy a crisp, fresh and cold bottle of white wine. Obviously red wine needs to be kept at room temperature, so wine racks are ideal wine accessories.

Quirky But Essential Wine Accessories

Wine accessories continue with decanters and collars. If you’ve heard of a decanter before but not known what they do, you can learn about them now. A decanter allows oxygen into the vessel, that is usually crystal or glass, and this encourage red wine to develop in flavor and taste.

It’s normally seen in movies in large, grand houses but really, everyone that likes red wine should have one. It allows the wine to be swirled, which unsettles the sediments and keeps the wine fresh and tasting great. It also looks very elegant and mature, and is one of the finest wine accessories available.

A collar stops drips and lets you hold the bottle safely and securely. It wraps around the neck and is something that red wine loves really need. You can’t help but spill or drip little amounts but the damage it does is incredible, so if you have butter-fingers then wine collars are the ideal type of wine accessories.

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