Singapore Flyer is one of the most desirable entertainment venues in Singapore. It is a large Ferris wheel in Singapore and is also the largest Ferris wheel across the world. Singapore Flyer is expected to be one of Asia’s chief tourist attractions. It was launched in March 2008. Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest giant observation wheel. Visitors can feel 360 degree view high up to 165 meters.

Constructed from 2005 to 2008, the Singapore Flyer has 28 air conditioned capsules with every capsule able to hold 30 people. It takes about 37 minutes for the flyer to complete a full rotation. Reaching 42 stories high, it comprises a 150-meter (in diameter) high wheel built over a three-story terminal building, giving it a total height of 165 meters.

modeled for handicap friendly, it has ramps, lifts, handicapped toilets and other facilities to facilitate movement for guests in wheelchairs. At the flyer, there is also a parking lot for the handicapped based right next to the lift for direct access to the ticket booths or boarding area.

The performance of Singapore Flyer is comparable to London eye in London, Britain and Melbourne Eye in Melbourne, Australia. However, London Eye passengers have to cram into a specific corner for photo-taking, by an aerial camera. In Singapore Flyer, vying for the most competitive spot is actually to move around in each corner of the capsule.

Initially, the flyer was set to rotate anti-clockwise direction. But it was later changed when Feng Shui experts suggested that they change the direction and make it clockwise to bring luck and fortune to the Republic. During the inaugural rides, the first 3 nights were sold out (S$ 8,888 Singapore dollars (US$6,271), “an auspicious number in Chinese culture”, for the first rides).

During the three years of operation, the Flyer has been working perfectly well. There was, however an incident during the initial phase when a mechanical failure caused the Flyer to halt. The Operations Team immediately managed the incident effectively and efficiently as per the standard operating procedures. During the crises, the Operations staffs were in constant communication with the passengers involved through the in-capsule cameras and inter-com system. Together with the Singapore Flyer’s professional rescuers and Singapore Civil Defence force, they managed to free the passenger safely. As a safety precaution, some of them had been hospitalized for minor medical treatments.

Riding the Singapore Flyer gave us the chance to be on top of the world literally with the other passengers. Yes, it’s a nice manner to find the views of Singapore’s skyline, and for spending an exceptional romantic occasion like an anniversary. Hmm.dinner on board the world largest giant observation wheel! Some capsules already have dining tables designed for the patrons who wish to experience a sky dining /signature cocktail flight.

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