The Old Town Guide 18 canoe is not only beautiful, it’s also useful. Maine guides find the Old Town Guide 18 to be perfect for the backcountry. With an aerodynamic design
and a long open body, the Old Town Guide 18 canoe has all the cargo space you need.

Old Town Guide 18 Canoe

Old Town canoes are handcrafted to exacting specs, making each canoe a joy to paddle. Old Town prides itself on providing the highest quality canoes and award winning customer service in the industry.


Length: 18′

Width: 37″

Width At Water Line: 37″

Bow Height: 23″

Depth: 12″

Weight: 86 lbs.

Max Capacity: 750 lbs.

Old Town Guide 18 Canoe

PRICE: $7,499

For more information on the Old Town Guide 18 Canoe, visit The Wilderness Review.

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