An outdoor umbrella stand isn’t one of those things where they are all made equal. For learners, they come in a lots of shapes, colors & designs. You spent time selecting an umbrella you liked, therefore take the time to pick a stand you like.

Some of us have a yard that we worked hard in. We like to sit out there and enjoy the afternoon. Porches with roofs can often make you feel like you’re still inside. But if you spend any real time outdoor, you require some protection from the sun. I mean, that gets hot after some time, if nothing else.

An umbrella can provide the shade you need while not encroaching on the feeling of outdoors. If you aren’t going to move the umbrella around a lot, you could choose an outdoor umbrella stand that’s permanently weighted. You don’t wish the thing to fall over as soon as the wind blows, so weight it down. Bases are available in many widths & weights. Many web sites on line have charts to let you know the amount of weight you need based on the size of your umbrella.

Now for those of us who want to go to the beach very much, or maybe like to go camping, we don’t wish to haul around a 70 pound stand. The option there is to get a hollow one. Once you get to where you’re going, you could fill it with sand or water to give it weight. When it is time to leave, just empty it out.

If you are not certain if there’s going to be sand or water available where you are going, you could buy an outdoor umbrella stand that screws into the ground. Like a cork screw, it goes into the ground, holding your umbrella just where you put it.

Therefore think about your requirements, what you use your umbrella for, and you can obtain the stand that suits your needs best.

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