The most important tool cardiologists use to diagnose heart diseases of any kind is the stress test. When a stress test is performed, a doctor will work with trained technicians to achieve the best results possible. There are different types of stress tests and each one has very specific requirements. The tests that are performed to identify specific cardiac diseases are greatly influenced by the specific tests as well as other conditions. One thing the doctor is trying to detect, or determine, is how much stress the heart can endure before there is evidence of abnormal heart behavior or functions. The exercise stress test is seen more than others, although each one has their particular application best suited to them.

Thallium is one radioactive compound used in nuclear stress tests. Remember that there is no harm caused to the body since they use very small amounts of the substance. Thallium’s radioactive levels also decrease over time and it is quickly eliminated from the body via natural means.

However, Thallium is the compound that permits doctors to recreate an accurate image of the size of your heart’s chambers. Doctors can judge the health of your heart based on this information. In addition, doctors will gain insights into the ability of the heart to pump blood. When doctors see the images of this action, they can also see if there is any heart damage.

The simple stress test is a procedure that is not as involved as other types of stress tests such as the nuclear stress test. During a basic test like a treadmill or standing bicycle test, the patient’ s heart is monitored. It can be observed with an EKG or ECG monitor. The patient walks at a decent pace on the treadmill. Slowly, the pace of the treadmill is raised so that the stress on the heart goes up or the heart is in stress. During this time, the doctor is does a tests and is there in case any emergencies arise. Also, while this is going on, the blood pressure and rate of the patient is closely supervised.

The degree of reliability of the isotope stress test depends on several important factors.

For example, a target heart rate must be attained, and of course the image quality must be sufficient. If all these conditions are satisfied then a doctor can diagnose the situation reliably in 85% of coronary artery disease patients. Considering that there are other variables that play a role in the accuracy of this test, 100% infallibility cannot be achieved. False positives can also occur as well as multiple other issues that can decrease the accuracy of a diagnosis.

Diagnosing different heart problems is much easier with the help of the nuclear stress test. If you ever need to have one performed, you should ask your doctor as many questions as possible. The more questions you ask, the better your knowledge of the situation will be as well as what your condition is.

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