Opting to purchase a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new one can be a smart decision. A lot of new cars see a fast fall in value the minute they drive off the lot. This does not happen with pre-owned vehicles, and a vehicle that is just a year old may cost up to twenty-five percent less than its brand new counterpart. Furthermore, insurance costs are often much lower each month. Good tips for buying used cars can make a big different while car shopping.

Researching the pre-owned vehicle while shopping around is the first step. A lot of shoppers know the kind of automobile they want, but they may not have much information on it. An abundance of web sites are available which offer a great deal of information about each make and model. For a small cost, some will run a vehicle background investigation about the car you are thinking of buying and will send you the full report. The reports include items like repair history, whether the car has been in an accident and the number of prior owners.

Check to see if a warranty is available. It may not be an option when purchasing from a private party, but a lot of new automobiles come with their own three year, 36,000 mile warranty. Should the used car you want to buy have fewer than 36,000 miles on it and be younger than three years old, it could be still covered under the original warranty. If the car has some miles on it, see if it is an used car that has been certified. Certified vehicles have passed the inspection process and will be covered by another warranty.

Check out the interior and exterior of the automobile. Raise the hood, checking for stripped bolts and nuts. Watch out for rusty spots. Inside, see that everything is in good condition and look at the odometer. If the odometer says the vehicle has low mileage while the upholstery says the car has been around, something might be going on.

Drive the vehicle as you normally would, following your regular patterns in city traffic and on the freeway. If possible, drive it up a hill to see if it has power for the climb. Finally, give the brakes a good test, because stopping properly is always the most important part of driving.

In the end, you have to negotiate a price. For a few people, this is even more fun than the test drive. However, some people do not enjoy haggling over automobile prices. It could be somewhat intimidating but it does not need to be adversarial. The seller wants you to buy the vehicle and you want the seller to sell the vehicle to you. Find a reasonable middle ground and should an agreement not be possible then be prepared to eventually walk away. The world is full of quality pre-owned vehicles, and with these tips for buying used cars, you will find your dream car.

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