The most important part of basketball is being able to shoot.

It is, after all, how points are scored, so this is something every player has to focus on. Shooting the different types of shots has many different aspects. When learning the game, it’s a good idea to be a well-rounded player so work on shooting from every position. Keep reading to learn tips for improving your skills with this all important part of basketball.

When you shoot a basketball, your follow through is very important. Follow through is an all-important principle that you can see in skilled hitters in baseball, tennis players, billiard players and anyone else who plays a sport where a ball has to be sent in a certain direction. In all of these cases, just like in basketball, you’re aiming to get the maximum amount of control and force as you make the movement. Whenever you shoot, whether during a game or when practicing, pay careful attention to your technique and even exaggerate the follow through. After shooting, pretend you’re posing for a camera and let your hands remain in position for an instant. Follow through ensures that the ball isn’t just thrown upwards, but in a manner that sends it in the right direction in an arcing motion; that’s why players are often told to throw the ball using a waving movement.

Everyone has a certain natural shooting range and this is something you should always be aware of. Players who aren’t conscious of their range tend to try to make shots from distances that are outside their range, so they often miss. When shooting during a game, it’s important to operate based on your actual range, not the range you wish you had or hope to have in the future. There are certain situations when you have to take a shot no matter what (e.g. the clock is running out), but in most cases, you only want to shoot when you’re within comfortable range. Even though it looks dramatic to makes shots from a great distance, this is really not nearly as important as it is to become a better shooter from within your natural range.

You may also need to work on your vertical jump, since jump shots are an important part of shooting. If you keep your elbow in and under the ball, you will have more control and will find it easier to aim. The further away the basket is, the higher you will need to jump. But make sure that you’re not focusing on jumping so much that you lose control of your hand and the ball.

Make the shot in one fluid motion. Just as you reach the peak of your jump, release the ball. It will take practice to perfect your jumping and your jump shots.

There is no quick way to become a great basketball shooter. You will need to practice and work hard to improve. After identifying the areas where you need the most help, spend time focusing on them. You will start to see improvement in your shooting skills when you use the above tips to help you.

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