Blood sucking bedbugs infesting your home and feeding upon your family at night while they sleep isn’t exactly a pleasant thought or something anyone would want to subject their families to. With more and more people traveling and the usage of pesticides declining, bedbugs are on the rise. If you find yourself frequently traveling for business or pleasure, you may be exposed to bedbugs. While these pests can be difficult to get rid of, it’s certainly not impossible, and the following are some techniques you can apply if you’re home is infested.

Warning – Don’t make these mistakes when you discover you have bedbugs. The following things may actually make your infestation worse! This is something you really don’t want to do – Panic! Whenever you find bedbugs in your house, it’s a natural urge to grab a can of insecticide and spray everything down. Don’t do this! Spraying insecticide and setting off bug bombs may make the problem worse! Bedbugs will look for place to hide and scatter about your home. The chemicals may also be harmful to pets and small children. Another thing is these insecticides are not meant to be used on bedding, clothing and mattresses, who knows what other problems using such products could cause? If you already have a spray can are still planning on spraying, it’s important to spray in corners and any small spaces where bedbugs could hide. It’s also a good idea to read the instructions on the can before spraying.

It is possible to repel bedbugs with certain natural substances. A repellent that is used in aromatherapy that works well is called lavender. Many people like the smell of lavender, and it helps to keep bedbugs away. You can use a little when rinsing your clothes, and also when ironing. You can make a spray by putting a few drops of lavender oil into a spray bottle with water. While you shouldn’t apply a concentrated essential oil directly to your skin, you can find lavender based body lotions that may be helpful.

Keep in mind, though, that these measures won’t actually kill bedbugs, so they won’t be enough to get rid of a serious infestation, but they can help to keep them away from you while you’re taking other steps.

The name “bedbugs” is misleading because these insects can actually be found in many places outside of a bed. The fact is, they can inhabit just about any part of a house. The target of these insects is not your home, but its occupants like your pets and even you.

Bedbugs can live virtually anywhere, including your carpet, in your clothes, and even your closet. So when you check for them in your house, you have to thoroughly inspect every possible hiding place. These bugs can hide in any woodwork, a dresser, and even a nightstand. Keep in mind that bedbugs aren’t fussy about where they live, so you have to check everywhere.

Knowing that bedbugs are in your home is very disturbing to many people, but not at all dangerous. Bedbugs feed off of you and can inflict painful and itchy bites all over your body. The final step is finding a way to get rid of these bugs once and for all and out of your life completely.

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