Korean Air Lines as one of the most respected passenger carrier services in the industry. Its primary hub is located in Seoul, South Korea. Domestic and international flights are provided by this airline that services nearly 50 countries. Providing both passenger operations and cargo hauling to international destinations, this airline does it all. They have continued to expand their cargo hubs into various areas within the Asia. Research and development is a primary component of this companies focus within the aviation industry. Aerospace research has been a mainstay for Korean Air that only continues to grow.

Among the aviation industry, Korean Air has had a moderately good number of credits. Not too long ago, Time magazine acknowledged Korean Air for their flying excellence. KAL received a mark of distinction for Best Business Class Airline, plus Best First Class. Not only that, but they have been deemed to have the Best Frequent Flyer Program. For the duration of the same time period, Korean Air Lines was bequeathed the Best Economy Class Airline out of the OAG Airline of the year awards. This appears to encompass the total range of what is often offered to the flying community.

One thing that Korean Air Lines has continued from the very beginning is upgrade their air fleet. Both passenger carriers, as well as cargo ferrying, is part of their fleet of aircraft.

Some of their aircraft are solely used for development and research for aerospace. It only took a few years for them to go from a domestic service and expand their boundaries in this way. Once they had acquired the right aircraft, KAL saw new routes open up to Europe as well as North America. In fact, they were one of the first to purchase Airbus airliners for routes on the Pacific Rim and Asia proper.

As with any smart airline company, Korean Airlines has not neglected passenger comfort. First class status passengers can enjoy the Kosmo Suite seats in the first class area. The Prestige Sleeper, also placed into service in the middle of 2009, was implemented.

The seats are able to adjust to a flat 180 degree position for the passenger First Class seating and Prestige seating are marked by the Celadon Green color, an important color in Korea. Recognition and special honor are endowed upon those who actually have elevated flying status. Korean Air is mixed up with a lot of developmental programs which were created to help out with the studies of military aircraft. They work in partnership with a number of countries, for instance the United States of America, on a bunch of different air and land transportation for the military. This is simply a continuance of something they started a really long time ago. Within the aviation industry, they were smart in taking a new direction in different allied segments of the aviation industry. For such a large airline business, this was essentially a virtuoso attempt. When you contemplate over it, Korean Air made it simpler to make their future safe and also present other kinds of returns. To grant them their service and fleet destinations, these are the types of ground and air operations which permitted their escalation.

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