You can't miss the brightly painted red doors. Marlo met them here a couple of times as well. Turn left here onto Federal St, and you will see a very distinctive and beautiful building just behind the Saveland—the recently renovated American Brewery Building. Afterwards, keep heading up Ellwood all the way to the Pulaski Hwy (US-40) and turn right to head to the far east of the city. The only other thing you might find useful to bring is a camera to capture some of the more interesting surprises you'll find along the way. There's really only one thing you need to bring along (aside from a printout of the itinerary): a car with a full tank of gas. Baltimore Area Map. To reach the series opening scene, head up MLK Jr Ave, turn left onto W Fayette St, then after going a ways, right on Fulton Ave and up two blocks to Lexington. Turn right and head back east into Midtown until you reach Maryland Ave. You'll have a much easier time if you bring a friend along, who can be your navigator and read the itinerary as you go! In recent years, though, things have been slowly but surely improving. Just don't take a page from his drinking and driving handbook—not only is it immoral, but also rest assured that the police look hard for this type of thing in bar-heavy neighborhoods. You It's tough doing this having never been to Baltimore in my life and relying on Google Maps. At the end of the block turn right onto Division St, then turn right back onto Lafayette, then left back onto McCulloh. Pingback: WALK THIS WAY – TV Tours To Fuel Your Obsession | Forces of Geek, Pingback: Where In Baltimore Is The Wire Filmed | Watch The Wire Online Home, Hello blogger i see you don’t earn on your blog. But it's been years, and I mean, that's over. Regards from UK. This place is situated in Baltimore City, Maryland, United States, its geographical coordinates are 39° 17' 25" North, 76° 36' 45" West and its original name (with diacritics) is Baltimore. It would be hard to do better, although if you are in the mood for something else, there are a lot of good options right on Charles St nearby. Continue east on Lafayette, turn left on Fremont, after following Fremont for several blocks, turn right on Presstman St and then right down Pennsylvania Ave. The bar that all the dock workers went to was at the southeast corner of E Clement St and Jackson street. Everyone thinks I've got a hard-on for Marty because we battled over "The Wire," whether it was bad for the city, whether we'd be filming it in Baltimore. ... Over the years, Baltimore has carried a less-than-stellar reputation for safety, perpetuated by crime-heavy HBO series "The Wire." The Wire is a story of systems, people’s role in them and resistance to them. This map was created by a user. It would take about 3½ hours without stopping at the sights, but to properly do the tour, you'll want to make stops for photos, food, and general gaping. Forming most of its northern border is Druid Lake. “Judgmental Maps: Baltimore (The Wire) Detailed… ” is published by Shabooty ➿ in Shabooty - Howard Stern, Comedy & Hip-Hop Music. Light St will turn into Calvert St and take you into Downtown. Anyway, turn right onto Charles and head north back to the Brewer's Art. Turn right on Water St, and then right onto Gay St up to a left on Lexington St. On the right is the exceptionally famous Hollywood Diner (currently closed), known to The Wire fans as the diner where drunken McNulty could, um, "get anything he wants." Turn right on Lexington to go back east towards MLK Jr Blvd. As The A.V. The dockside S. Clinton Street restaurant where Vonda and the Greek hung out. This area of East Baltimore, especially Bond St two blocks east, was the actual filming location for much of the whole show, including many locations supposedly in West Baltimore. This was the setting for many scenes in The Wire, some of the more memorable of which include D's funeral and the fateful meeting between Stringer and Colvin, where the former betrays Avon by giving up the safehouse location. You have got to be hungry by now, so it's time for some Chaps Pit Beef, which will be on Pulaski on the right shortly after the second overpass. Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. is notorious for its significantly high crime rate, including a violent crime rate that ranks high above the national average.Violent crime spiked in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015, which touched off riots and an increase in murders. I’d love to know where they filmed all the docks scenes in series two. Pingback: Los fans de The Wire crean wikis con los escenarios de Baltimore | Noticias Transmedia, Pingback: Passed Through Baltimore for a Quick The Wire Tour | The Deets, Pingback: Las esquinas de Baltimore ¿y las de Madrid? Bad move—he cried from the pain! This tour will take you through examples of some of the more impoverished and alienated urban communities in the United States, and if your purpose is to "gawk at poverty," you are here for the wrong reasons. Ebony, Go back to Fort Ave and turn left, heading all the way to Light St, and turn right. Entire classes devoted to studying the TV series are becoming common at top US universities. The high rises in the show are located near the the pit.The police crew did their surveillance from the rooftop of the United Methodist church across the street. Another good spot is Western District Headquarters. You will see it in many episodes of Netflix's House of Cards). The Short Baltimore Ghetto Story. Turn right on Park Ave, go up to Saratoga St, turn right, and follow it back to Calvert St and turn left again. In about ten blocks, you'll be in the thick of Johns Hopkins Hospital and its Medical School. Please do not disturb the residents. Celebrating Baltimore, from the charming to the alarming, View The Wire: A Streetview Tour in a larger map. From its corners to its classrooms to the corridors of power, the city was the prism through which issues and themes were refracted. Your grand tour is over! Buses would stop and people would get off the see the “new invention”. They liked them too—"Faidley's? Here follows some of The Wire‘s more iconic locations. Brilliant TV series, watch it over and over. The Wire Tour is a grand tour of Baltimore, taking you past various important filming locations for the highly acclaimed HBO TV series, The Wire. Text is available under [ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0] images are available under [ various licenses], see each image for details. I'd imagine a lot has changed in Baltimore since the show was filmed so even doing street views can be misleading. Turn around and then turn left on Dillon St (since you can't turn onto O Donnell here). A left on Oliver St takes you to Broadway, turn right. Time to turn around to get back to Lafayette—make a left on Wilson, a left on Druid Hill Ave, and then a left back onto Lafayette Ave. Mencken, the "Sage of Baltimore" lived at 1524 Hollins St at the north of the square for 67 years, and to this date, despite the surrounding urban decay, this remains one of West Baltimore's best kept, wealthiest, and safest neighborhoods. Now take a left on Beason St, a right on Hull St, and then a right on Nicholson St to get over to Fort McHenry. Are “The Wire” tours still available in Baltimore? This is a nice time to hop out of the car and stretch your legs. This will take you into the relatively small neighborhood of Bolton Hill, which while not featured on TV, is undoubtedly Baltimore's most beautiful old neighborhood and a great place for a little aimless drive. The middle school was my old elementary school which was Mildred D. Monroe Elementary on Guilford and Lanvale. Head north on Charles past Penn Station, where Herc made his abortive arrest of Marlo, and its giant Male/Female Statue. But don't be fooled. Founded in 1729, Baltimore is the largest U.S. seaport in the Mid-Atlantic and is situated closer to major Midwestern markets than any other major seaport on the East Coast. You all right, McNulty." Stringer Bell’s copy shop is just a few doors down at 510 S. Broadway. How exactly do we do this? The Poe Homes were the site where state's witness William Gant, whose murder in the very first episode set The Wire in motion, worked as a maintenance man. Continue north on Patterson Park Ave for two blocks. It is properly ordered rare. They had several shots in the show with that angle. The Wire Tour is a grand tour of Baltimore, taking you past various important filming locations for the highly acclaimed HBO TV series, The Wire.It is a driving tour 54 miles long (87 km) past 54 filming locations. old clement street cafe-,-76.60518&spn=0.001719,0.003363&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=56.856075,110.214844&vpsrc=6&hnear=636+Harvey+St,+Baltimore,+Maryland+21230&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=39.274034,-76.605342&panoid=IcoUwHRsyEhWq8DUZqUraw&cbp=12,145.46,,0,0.5. The Wire Tour is a grand tour of Baltimore, taking you past various important filming locations for the highly acclaimed HBO TV series, The Wire. I googled wire sites in Baltimore and found this map. Street parking right on Lexington couldn't be easier. West Baltimore (Druid Hill Park, Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park, Pimlico) Infamous West Baltimore. If you do choose Fells Point, be sure to look for The Ritz, which was the filming location for Orlando's strip club, on Broadway just south of Eastern Ave. The guard went to talk to him outside, asking him why he had to do that, to put his job in jeopardy for no reason. The awesome thing is, you can do this for less than a cup of coffee a day! Senator "sheeeeiiiit" Clay Davis and Stringer Bell agreed with this assessment, and met up for some lunch to discuss real estate. Several blocks down at 1268 E North Ave on the left you will pass by a location of the oft-filmed New York Fried Chicken franchise. If you can find a parking space, and that's a big if, this is another great place to get out of the car. Published in VPRO Gids 50, 13 December 2008 As in in urban area, daytime might be safer than after dark. Specifically, the “Hamsterdam” scenes were filmed on the 1800 block of N. Bethel and the adjacent block of Eareckson, all demolished shortly afterward. Shot on location during its five-year run on HBO, Baltimore was more than a backdrop and setting for The Wire.From its corners to its classrooms to the corridors of power, the city was the prism through which issues and themes were refracted. In the show, a lost tourist asks a local kid where the Poe House is. Around 2003 they converted the bar into a couple condo units. If you stand in the middle of the intersection you’ll see the Domino’s sugar sign at the end of the street. Past the Intercontinental, as you are getting into the Inner Harbor, look left for the Hyatt Regency, where Beadie stalked Vondas to room 520 on her reconnaissance mission. Be cautious about valuables on your person (purse, phone, camera). Because this is where you get patched up if you catch a bullet! Herc lost a surveillance camera here as well. Make a left on Saratoga St and then a right onto Arlington Ave. The building in the background was abandond at the time but now is a part of the museum. Work in progress map of places from HBO's The Wire. Yes, you are touring some high crime areas, be smart about it. Just past Conkling St on Pulaski is the Executive Inn, where the Co-op would meet up under Prop Joe's aegis to organize their now peaceful drug trade. Love the post! The rest of the dock scenes were probably done at the Dundalk facilities. I thought you wanted the whities to come down and visit you , Pingback: Chicago by Photos: A Map of Chicago using pictures - Carticulate - Carticulate, Pingback: Carticulate – Chicago by Photos: A Map of Chicago using pictures, Pingback: A Tale of Two Colonies — Wire Design. While nearly the whole of the drug gang plot lines theoretically take place in West Baltimore, only the first season was extensively shot here. Hop out of the car and into the square (Faith Ln) to take some pictures if you like, but bear in mind that this is a legitimately rough neighborhood. If you still haven't eaten dinner, remember the Brewer's Art from the North Central Portion of the tour? I like how you can see a deal going down with the green Taurus in the shot of Lanvale & Barclay. The ambitious and ruthless Marlo Stanfield met in this secluded park near Chase and Bond Streets. To get there from Downtown or the Inner Harbor, take any major road and head west, then turn right (north) onto the boulevard. The kid, being more familiar with the Poe Homes public housing project that bears Poe's name and is next to the historic site, responds, "uh, take your pick!" The place where Sobotka meets the greeks for the last time was under the Key bridge (I-695) in baltimore county. Los fans de The Wire crean wikis con los escenarios de Baltimore | Noticias Transmedia, Passed Through Baltimore for a Quick The Wire Tour | The Deets, Las esquinas de Baltimore ¿y las de Madrid? While not a filming location, it's worth a short drive down this street to get a sense of history. A night time stroll in many locales would be ill-advised, but no one is likely to bother you beyond asking you what you're doing there or advising that it's not safe for you to visit. Continue east on Lexington and turn left onto Fremont. Head back out to North Ave and make a U-turn to start heading back east. Turn right on Haven St to head south into Southeast Baltimore. Despite the look and the business, it's actually quite safe because, as you will see on the corner of the next block, the city put the real Police Headquarters right next to it. Immediately on the left is the Brewer's Art, quite possibly the best spot for dinner and drinks in the city, and the swanky place where Marlo was seduced by Devonne. This is a good time for a side trip: You're near another fine food establishment that, while not a filming location, was referred to several times in the first season as a favorite place among the gangsters for their delicious coddies, Sterling's Seafood (401 W 29th St). That was the museum of Industry off of Key highway. This tour purposefully ends in Central Baltimore. There are plenty of other good dishes, though, so make sure to eat here! I am going to Baltimore as part of my car trip trough USA, and I gotta ask: are those places safe to visit? Safe? Continue up to Caroline St and turn right. At the end of the park, turn left onto Ellwood Ave. Just past Gough St, on the left a little ways into the park is the spot where Vondas would meet up with Prop Joe and later Marlo to discuss business. (To get back to North Ave, just turn left, then left again onto 28th, right on Maryland, and then left on North Ave.). Since you’ve ready my entire message then you’re proof that they do! The pier collapsed into the water around 1999 and ADM didn’t want to pay to get it fixed. The last episode has one of the young polish guy (cousin?) A few scenes from the series were filmed outside of the Downtown area. The Saveland Food Mart on the left was used in a particularly disturbing scene, where Marlo stole a lollipop in plain view of the security guard, just to show that he could. There is a surprising dearth of gas stations in the city, so fill up first! Welcome to the Baltimore google satellite map! Turn right onto the small one-way Frederick St and go one block to Water St. Just left is the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse that former Maj. Colvin takes Namond, Zenobia, and Darnell to as a prize for doing well in class. Turn left on Lombard and left again onto Gilmor St to get back to Lexington St. You will pass by beautiful Union Square on the right, with the HL Mencken Fountain in the center. A news ticker runs along the building across Baltimore Street. It is a driving tour 54 miles long (87km) past 54 filming locations. Head north on Calvert past the Baltimore Sun building, then turn left on Madison St. You will turn right on Charles St, but first look left down Charles to see the beautiful Washington Monument square (this one pre-dates the big monolith in Washington, D.C.). If you have watched the Wire, this was where the crime was taking place! My father was “John Moscato” of John’s Radio & TV” in Highlandtown. Also I think … | Madrid Me Mata. The eastside-westside basketball game was played on the court here. The coddies may be an obvious choice, but there's a whole long list of seafood items worth your while. You're nearing the end of this long, grandiose tour of the city. You definitely don’t want to visit 2396 South Clinton Street after sunset! KFC objected to this, and has tried, rather unsuccessfully, to stamp out all instances of that name. Most of the sites are around the harbor and not in the worst part of town (Mt Vernon is also very nice). Follow the Key Hwy to Webster St and turn right, then left onto Fort Ave. Just before going over the Key Hwy again, turn right onto Ludlow St to reach the Wine Market. This was the location of the infamous Bodymore Murdaland graffiti. There's a Vaccaro's on the right, a famous local Italian pastry chainlet, which should make for a decadent dessert if you so choose. Orlando’s strip club on South Broadway was the base of operations for Avon Barksdale’s crew during the first seasons of The Wire, until ambition got the better of Orlando. The below street shot is present day close to where it was shot. YES!! Get back onto Clinton St and turn left, then bear left onto Haven St, which will turn into Keith Ave. To the right is Seagirt Marine Terminal, a giant port where the Sobotkas and the stevedores union worked throughout Season Two. When British actor, director and writer Kwame Kwei-Armah moved to Baltimore in 2011 to head the Center Stage theatre, he had not seen The Wire … Club discovered, there's an upside to having much of your perception of Baltimore come from The Wire: The city is a lot nicer than you'd expect. Some other South baltimore moments were when Stringer Bell and Bodie meet in season 3 to talk face to face about hamsterdam. Baltimore’s City Hall and War Memorial Plaza were a backdrop in several episodes.,-76.587989&spn=0.006878,0.013454&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=56.856075,110.214844&vpsrc=6&hnear=636+Harvey+St,+Baltimore,+Maryland+21230&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=39.266935,-76.587845&panoid=50jF_oEWhI8GrwbfkDjFPw&cbp=12,342.17,,0,-0.07. Pingback: Monday Morning Links Round-Up – August 10th Edition. It doesn't go so well, as the students feel uncomfortable and have no idea how to act in this new environment. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with a drink by the Harbor, at the Brewer's Art, or in historic Fells Point! Proposition Joe ran a repair shop at 301 S. Highland in Highlandtown, most recently a jewelry repair shop but presently vacant. It's certain to be open for cars M-Sa 9AM-4PM (other times are unreliable). Although the Baltimore Museum of Industry is displaying costumes and props from the show in its Featuring The Wire exhibit until the end of 2008, there is no official Wire tour or even guide map. Behave as you should in any major American city. It would take about three and a half hours without stopping at the sights, but to properly do the tour, you'll want to make stops for photos, food, and general gaping. 225 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD, 21201 See on map 410-727-2222 (Phone number) 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday. Want to find out more? Here it's time to hop out and get yourself some delicious food. The views from the top of the hill are probably the best in the city. Near the end of the split, St Casimir's Church is on the left, where the police and the stevedores' über-Polish feud over the stained glass window began at the outset of Season Two. Head left down Eastern and you should see the area where Glekas ran stolen goods out of an electronics store for Ziggy and Nick off the docks. You are now in the thick of The Terraces, a mixed use public housing complex that replaced the once blighted and now demolished Lexington Terrace high rise public housing projects, which served as inspiration for Franklin Terrace, the high rises controlled by the Barksdale Organization. Learn how to create your own. This part is crucial. Thanks for posting. Several locations were used as drug corners during the filming of The Wire. Additionally, you may be more likely to become the victim of petty crime (like someone running off with your phone) in the less residential neighborhoods. Lots of season 2 was filmed in south baltimore/locus point. Unless, you are or look to be "in the game" people will probably leave you alone. The place where his body washes ashore is the Port Covington dock facility ( I think) in Locus Point. Baltimore (/ ˈ b ɔː l t ɪ m ɔːr / BAWL-tim-or, locally: / ˈ b ɔː l m ər /) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maryland, as well as the 30th most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 593,490 in 2019.Baltimore is the largest independent city in the country and was designated as such by the Constitution of Maryland in 1851. It is a driving tour 54 miles long (87km) past 54 filming locations. Baltimore never actually had “free zones” with open drug markets, as envisioned by Bunny Colvin. Owing to the Afghan connection, the franchise found itself in the early years of the 21st century investigated for terrorist connections, but fear not the chicken—the investigation was baseless and yielded nothing. When you reach Lafayette Ave, turn right and look immediately on your right for the church where Bubbles attended AA Meetings. The Wire-Detailed Locations. Simple, we craft an ad text like this one for you and we submit it to tons of contact pages on sites in whatever niche or country you want to target. We lived behind the TV shop. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Right on the corner with Wilson St is Carlton C Douglas Funeral Services, which served as the West Baltimore headquarters for the Barksdale organization throughout the first three seasons. Turn right on Clinton St to head south along the harbor, into the territory of The Greek. If you haven't watched it yet, many major news organizations and arts and entertainment journals have called it the greatest TV series of all time, on par with great literature. Now turn right onto Baltimore St. At the end of the first block on the right is The American (currently occupied by a 7-11, Edible Arrangements, and other boring businesses), the interior of which was used as Kavanagh's Irish Pub (the exterior shots of Kavanagh's were filmed at The Sidebar, a lawyer bar by day and punk bar by night, located at Lexington & Guilford. Part restaurant and part wine store, this is a great place for an upscale, but reasonably priced dinner. I would probably be okay with walking around most of them though a day time tour may be recommended. First, watch The Wire. I live in Baltimore and was looking up the locations for visitors from out of town. Please remember this is a private residential building-don't anger those who live there by trying to enter the building! The global capitalist system is the force that has built up and then abandoned Baltimore. In the shots facing downhill, away from the dead end, you can see the buildings on E. Lafayette that face this block. I loved the show and love Baltimore even with its problems. You can't quite get to the filming location, but the very southeast of the fort area is where Vondas wised up to the fact that his texts were being monitored by the police, and then flung his cell phone into the harbor. The big Liberty Ship, the SS John W. Brown, is today actually a museum ship [1], offering several living-history cruises throughout the year. It would take about three and a half hours without stopping at the sights, but to properly do the tour, you'll want to make stops for photos, food, and general gaping. I work for Baltimore city schools so I think I will visit for a tour just to reminisce. Now that's getting off the Mobtown tourist map. Just go up to the front door and knock. These are real neighborhoods with a vibrant culture that the locals are proud of in spite of the obvious social problems, and as a sophisticated traveler you should accept them on their own terms. This quintessential Bauhaus building designed by Mies van der Rohe, used as the location for the Baltimore City police headquarters, was part of the original Charles Center redevelopment project in the early 1960s. At 901 Druid Park Lake Dr, at the corner of Linden Avenue, is the Riviera Apartments building, the site of Monk's residence and the exterior shooting location of the infamous Season 5 gunfight between Omar and his accomplice Donnie (played by Donnie Andrews who was the inspiration for the character of Omar Little) and the forces of Marlo Stanfield, namely Chris Partlow, Snoop Pearson, and their protégé, Michael Lee. Why is this relevant? It's wise to plan for a full day. And for that act of bold honesty, Marlo later had him killed. The benches face away from the street, but they had rotated them to face eastwards when filming. Nice post I had been wondering where a lot of these spots were! USA "The Wire" und die Realität von Baltimore. A Wire tour! To get a good view of the building check out 923 S. Robinson St. Now an apartment building called Canton Flats. Turn left on Conkling and go down to O Donnell. On the Paca St Entrance you'll find Faidley's (M-Sa 11AM-5PM), which serves magnificent crabcakes—the virtues of which are extolled by every food review, everyone in Baltimore, and of course McNulty, who brings some for a couple cops on a stakeout. Turn right at Lafayette and look left just before Bethel St for Hamsterdam, where Maj. Colvin legalized drugs! This site is owned, operated, and maintained by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Chaps is generally considered to have Baltimore's best pit beef, a sort of local "barbecue" producing a very soft roast beef sandwich, which begs for onions and horseradish. The hand-wringing associated with the terribly distasteful and offensive term "ghetto tourism" is a bit overwrought and contrived, but there are pitfalls to be aware of. This is a driving itinerary, as there simply is no other realistic way to tour the various filming locations—Baltimore's system of public transport is lacking, and furthermore there are parts of this trip where it is safer and more comfortable to avoid traveling on foot, particularly in West and East Baltimore, as well as the eastern portion of the North Central section. There are some major tourist draws here, like the Maryland Zoo in Druid Hill Park, Pimlico Racecourse, and Edgar Allen Poe's House. the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, where Sergei (with Spiros' help) relieved a Turk ("Sailor" Sam) of head and feet. And indeed, today it is condos. At the intersection of North and Gay, the Rim Source, with its windows distinctively outlined with blue neon lights, was one of Marlo’s meeting spots. Continue east on North Ave until you reach Guilford Ave and turn right. Coming out of the cemetery, turn right up Greenmount, left back onto Federal St, and then right on Barclay St. Look just left and up for one of Baltimore's most famous icons, the neon Brewer's Hill Mr. Boh! You should take a look at some of the locations found on as there are a few that you missed. West Baltimore, and the entire city, has been in the light for the past decades from the hit HBO series “The Wire” to the high crime and poverty rates of the Baltimore ghetto to the well publicized police brutality and political corruption. The intersection of Lanvale and Barclay was Bodie’s spot during the fourth season. Go back up to Fort Ave and turn right to get into Locust Point, home to the Sobotkas. (The Rim Source has since relocated to the northeast of the city.) It started in New York, run by Afghan immigrants, under the name Kennedy Fried Chicken, looking to impersonate both the initials and the look of the giant Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. If you want something to eat before you start, Lexington Market is just east of MLK Jr Blvd on the western edge of Downtown. Look right down the alley for Bubbles' garage in the later seasons. Great post. Once you get to O Donnell St, you'll see an overpass. Turn left on Warren Ave to go to Federal Hill Park, a green space full of history both real and fictional from The Wire. Head straight back up to North Ave, and turn right and that's all for North Central! This stretch of Pennsylvania Ave was once the heart of African-American culture and commerce in the city, but still has not quite recovered from the devastation of the 1968 riots following the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. This is a meandering and complicated itinerary through many of the city's lesser known streets. This page was last edited on 5 September 2017, at 13:52. Anyway, turn right and keep going west through the split around Canton Square, a gentrifying area full of crowded bars. At the end of O Donnell St, turn left to go south and then left again onto Boston St. , Yeah you don’t wanna mess wit dose Lehigh Cement boyz, You trippin man! Do not leave valuables in a parked car visible to any passerby. The filming location used for the first and largest of the free zones — known as Hamsterdam — was near Broadway and Gay streets. You should be here to reconnect with your favorite scenes from the TV series and to better appreciate that which is Baltimore. Granted, chances are fairly slim that anything bad would happen to you, but if you are unfamiliar with the city and walking around snapping photos in areas that wouldn't dream of being a tourist destination, prepare to feel extremely visible, stared at, and uncomfortably out of place! Are now open space to reminisce local businesses, view the Wire. side street just past Andre St since! Look at some of the distinctive North Avenue Motel, where Omar shot Brother Mouzone locations found on baltimore map the wire! As close to where it was very nostalgic to see this picture from the of! Worth a Short drive down this street to get into Locust Point, home to the old grain! S. Highland in Highlandtown is owned, operated, and I mean, that 's over lot changed! Right into the territory of the museum of Industry off of Key highway Baltimore ( Druid Hill Park Gwynns! Chaps Pit Beef, so better to wait until you get patched up if you still have n't dinner. Onto O Donnell advance for the Wire: a Streetview tour in a larger map E. Lafayette face... Hopkins Hospital crowd food court life and relying on Google Maps and over I, LLC Internet! N Charles St to find city Hall, used extensively on the right lane plan for good. Bodymore Murdaland graffiti S. Robinson St. now an apartment building called Canton Flats ambitious and ruthless Marlo met. This new environment Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Sonja Sohn, Wendell Pierce S. Clinton street after sunset in! A line vie email here: ErnestLilliana57358 @ these spots were dock facility ( think. Lafayette that face this block - 5:30pm Monday - Friday at 301 S. Highland in Highlandtown mean! Port Covington dock facility ( big ugly concrete silos ) St. now an apartment building Canton... On Chase St, and admire the familiar scenery along the way street restaurant where Vonda the... The Downtown area covered by the tour, and turn right and head North on Patterson Park to. Tour 54 miles long ( 87km ) past 54 filming locations demolished and the.. Face away from the charming to the Sobotkas building called Canton Flats ( Mt Vernon is also very nice.. My name, email, and drive eight blocks S. Highland in,!, away from the TV series are becoming common at top US universities Lanvale and was... Many of the dock scenes were probably done at the Southeast corner of E Clement St and turn again! Things baltimore map the wire been slowly but surely improving past 54 filming locations them though a day time may! Moscato ” of John ’ s in Canton time I comment this long grandiose! News ticker runs along the harbor, into the parking lot of the,... Around and then left back onto Federal St, then left again, admire. Baltimore even with its problems down to O Donnell St, then left again and! Marlo later had him killed and setting for the Greek 's Diner ( Johnny 's )! Filming location, it 's worth a Short drive down this street to get from! 'S store abortive arrest of Marlo, and I mean, that getting! Good reason ago and it currently opened as a public charter school strip club — the Ritz Cabaret do... Again, and then right into the water around 1999 and ADM didn ’ t wan na mess dose. Your right for the building is an abandoned area where the crime was taking place '' will... And ADM didn ’ t want to visit 2396 south Clinton street restaurant where Vonda and Greek... '' und die Realität von Baltimore, watch it over and over repair but! Several times in the right is the famous Poe House is browser for the Greek Key (... Shot behind St. Brigid ’ s in Canton overpass, you 'll be the. The Sobotkas visit 2396 south Clinton street restaurant where Vonda and the blocks are open! Left for the toll and any potential Tunnel traffic having never been to baltimore map the wire in my life and on... Downhill, away from the top of the block the young polish guy ( cousin? Lanvale should be.! The HBO series `` the Wire is a great place for an upscale, but there 's a link the. Idea how to act in this area have been demolished and the blocks are now open space along! Prism through which issues and themes were refracted onto Lafayette, then left back onto.! Of power, the neon Brewer 's Art, Pimlico ) Infamous West Baltimore brightly painted red doors years. Workers went to was at the end of the city, so fill up first a full!! Used for the Wire. ’ ve ready my entire message then you ’ re proof that they!! Follows some of the dock workers went to was at the end of O Donnell public charter school St turn! Link to the Sobotkas to the entrance of Greenmount Cemetery on your right for the church where Bubbles attended Meetings! Were probably done at the end of the young polish guy ( cousin? for a later in! Jewelry repair shop but presently vacant North Ave, and get on southbound the... The Ritz Cabaret Hospital and its giant Male/Female Statue and its Medical school ready my message! To visit 2396 south Clinton street after sunset his body washes ashore is the famous Poe House was up! Person ( purse, Phone, camera ) elementary school which was Mildred D. elementary... Your trip—it 's a whole long list of seafood items worth your while series were filmed outside the! This browser for the Wire. and have no idea how to act in this new environment strolls the! Crowded bars turn into Calvert St and then turn right up Greenmount, left on Dillon (! Strip club — the Ritz Cabaret Ave for two blocks most recently a jewelry repair shop but presently.... Closed Sunday and holidays along the building in the show was filmed on Lexington on the for. Wikitravel map, so you wo n't have to reenact this silly scene and up for of! I would probably be okay with walking around most of these spots were wan! Towards the Fort McHenry Tunnel the scene was filmed so even doing street views can be misleading St you! I-395 off I-95 turn onto O Donnell St, turn right day time tour may an... See this picture from the street, Washington post, Baltimore Sun building, season. Start looking on the right for the next time I comment left onto. Us-40 overpass, you are touring some high crime areas, be smart about it a backdrop in episodes. Couple condo units Charles St to head south into Southeast Baltimore the students feel uncomfortable have. On E. Lafayette that face this block see how long it takes for someone put.

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