Being the owner/operator of a brick and mortar gun store, one question that is constantly asked is “what’s the best scope for the money?” My answer has been the same for the last 3 years: the Nikon Monarch series.

Why do I feel that way? Great question. Here’s why:

One of the vital aspects of any scope is the quality of the glass utilised in the lenses. Cheaper quality glass equals lesser quality clarity and picture. A number of competitors utilize glass or lenses that are made abroad. Nikon only uses glass produced in the US. The Monarch optics boasts a 95% rate of light transmission. This indicates that out of 100% of the light source that passes thru the lenses, the Monarch transmits 95% to your eye. While various scope manufacturers boast a 95% or higher level of light transmission, Nikon means it. The sight picture and depth of clarity are exceptional.

The Nikon Monarch series also incorporates a standard diameter objective lens of 42mm, although the industry standard for objective lens is 40mm. The extra 2mm allows more light to pass thru the scope and allows much better performance in low light circumstances.

All Monarch scopes which are a 3X12 or larger employ a side focus adjustment. If you haven’t utilized side focus, you really ought to give it a try. After trying an SF Nikon, I’ve never gone back to the more established bell focus. Side focus lets you keep your eye on the target while focusing in. That activity is tremendously difficult using a bell focus.

Yet another reason I really believe the Monarch’s are a best buy entail the prolonged eye relief. The Monarch’s offer amazingly good eye relief when trying to line up the shot. This makes for very rapid target acquisition under any conditions. Scopes with a lower eye relief threshold make the shooter to change his or her head back and forth in an effort to find the optimal eye relief. With the Monarch, you simply shoulder, focus, and shoot.

In addition to the lifetime warranty offered by Nikon, the Monarch is nitrogen purged so it’s fog proof. The main tube of each Monarch is produced from forged aluminum which incorporates a strength to weight ratio larger than steel.

Nikon creates the Monarch is 9 various models ranging from a 2- 8X all the way up to a 8- 32X, so one is sure to satisfy your shooting needs.

When you actually put side by side all the features of the Monarch against similar competitors, and then factor in the price points, the Nikon usually seems to come out a winner in my book.

Most hunters or shooters are trying to get the best value that they can when they spend their money. Purchasing a rifle scope is no different. You might want to give the Nikon Monarch line a look as they offer a great scope at very reasonable prices.

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