Detox is a familiar concept for millions of people in different cultures. However, there are still countless numbers of individuals who could not even tell you what a detox diet is or how it works. In fact, the first time someone starts searching for a detoxification plan, they will realize that they have some choices to make. This is not just an one-size-fits-all diet. This diet represents an alternative approach and consists of a wide variety of foods, liquids and herbs. A detox diet doesn’t have to include all of the ingredients listed above. The nice thing about a detox diet plan is that everyone gets to choose for himself or herself what method they will follow and what ingredients they will include.

When you go on a detox diet it will be only for a short duration such as anywhere from three days to three weeks. As with most radical health procedures, it’s important you get clearance from your primary health care provider before you start your detox diet. There are different health issues that might be of concern to someone who is considering detoxification. Certain conditions might not benefit by a detox diet. Keep your overall health in mind and don’t do anything foolish.

Adrenal weakness is a medical condition that is recognized by alternative and holistic doctors, however it is not accepted or given credibility by traditional Western medical establishment. Symptoms of this condition include having low blood pressure and chronic exhaustion. Having chronically high levels of stress are believed to be the cause of this condition. Many holistic doctors place a person being treated for adrenal weakness on a detox diet. The reason for doing so is to allow the body to eliminate toxins and set the stage for higher energy levels and improved health and vitality. When the health of the human body is at stake, it is important for it to be in an alkaline state rather than acidic. The purpose of many cleansing diets is to return the pH balance of the body back to alkaline. Many cleansing diets are composed of only liquids, of which water is the most important, but also herbal teas, ginger teas, and lemon water are included. If you are new to herbal remedies, you will find a long list of possible solutions for detoxification of the body. One of the best ways to find the information you need on what herbal tea does what, is to visit your local organic health food store. Since water by itself can be used for detoxing, adding herbal teas just makes the preparation much more powerful.

Some detox diet approaches use laxatives but not all of them do. Using laxatives can help remove the toxins from your body as well as helping with digestion. Waste elimination is a part of this process. Elimination is a critical component to the detoxification process. However, it may be more beneficial to focus on the health of your liver and kidneys. Above all else, you may consult with a licensed DO, Doctor of Osteopathy, certified herbalist or your family doctor. You need to learn as much as you can in order to successfully make use of the detox diet.

The conditions that can be helped by the detox diet are often associated with the effects of living in an industrialized society. Moreover, it is not so much the type of society as it is the lifestyles that are more prevalent within any particular society. Things like your exercise and eating habits and stress levels all play a major role.

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