Before choosing the design of the ring it is critical to uncover your other half’s finger measurement. This can be a hassle, particularly when the band is required to be a mystery. Undeniably requesting from her for her finger size is not worth considering so endeavor to procure one of her rings that she leaves lying about. Reasonable ways to take a detailed measurement include drawing around the lining of the band on a portion of paper, making an imprint on a bar of soap or clay or try the band on your finger and notice how far the ring goes. If you have trouble looking for one of her stray rings then question one of her friends for guidance and trust her buddy can withhold a secret.

With the ring size at hand, you can now decide upon the unequaled engagement band for your SO. You can begin by picking which metal the ring will be produced from. The 2 more standard choices of metal used in diamond rings are gold or platinum. Gold is the bargain option if you don’t have many funds. The ‘white gold’ commonly applied in diamond engagement rings are produced from at least one white metal and gold. The metal can vary, from nickel, palladium or zinc. Platinum is the rare and more expensive option. Usually 90% pure, platinum is one of the scarce metals that are hypoallergenic. So if your SO is allergic to nickel (a widespread part in white gold) then a platinum ring is the finer option.

When you have decided upon which metal to use, the next step is to select the ring setting. The more ordinary engagement ring settings that are used are the channel, bezel pave and prong settings. The prong setting is the suggested setting to use. The prongs that contain the diamond gemstone are puny in size so the diamond is more noticeable granting more light to pass into for topmost brilliance. The prong is also inexpensive in comparison to other settings and the jewel is quicker to make undirty. For more dynamic couples the bezel setting would be perfect. The gemstone is contained in a ‘collar’ that reaches around the jewel, clenching it securely. For a more fresh look the bezel can be split into 2 areas, with the bezel bending around a small segment of the gemstone.

Keep in mind to prefer a ring type that goes together with the style and clothing of your potential bride to be. Some recon may be required if the ring is meant to be a surprise. Watch for any regalia that your SO exhibits and make out how she dresses and shop for an a matching ring. Does she want to dress modestly, picking to wear scarcely any adornments at all? Then a simple type with a small setting/stone mix would be suited, with the color of the diamond matching her favourite apparel. Does she love to clothe oneself deluxe, glistening clothing with an abundance of silver jewelry? If so then spy for princess cut diamond engagement rings with a pave setting with a platinum ring. It will look unmitigatedly great on her.

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