Sad But True: Obesity in America on the Rise

How to Make the Best Pot Brownies EVER

   You will need the following:  1)      a brownie mix that requires the most butter possible 2)      as much marijuana leaf as possible * 3)      at least 1 pound of unsalted, organic butter 4)      one big pot (cough cough) 5)      one sauce pan big enough to hold the big pot 6)      fine strainer, cheesecloth or […]

Wisconsin Drinking and Driving Laws

In a state where taverns tend to dominate the highways and byways alike, where even smoking is still allowed in many bars, and the backwoods are full of hidden what-have-yous, it is still somehow not surprising how strict the drinking and driving laws are in the wonderful dairy haven of Wisconsin.    The state chooses […]

Pablo Picasso: Did You Know…

…according to Jonathon Richman of 1970’s rock band “The Modern Lovers”, because of Picasso’s apparent powers of persuasion with the ladies, he “was never called an asshole”? …that Picasso was known to have worn pants with one leg blue and the other red? …that he exchanged his father’s surname “Ruiz” for his mother’s “Picasso,” claiming […]

Obesity in America

No matter how we slice the sugar enriched, artificially spiced, and chemically enhanced pie, there is no denying that our nation is growing…bigger and less healthy.  Indeed, 2/3 of the adults in this country are overweight and 1/3 are obese. Using the Body Mass Index (BMI) to calculate obesity, the Wellness International Network Ltd (WIN, […]