To Survive at Fountain of Youth, Bring Water-Part 5

Not Just for the Young The point is, Burning Man does something to people that is inexplicable, but inescapable.  For those of us in the so-called twilight of our lives, it has the potential to add quality if not quantity to your days on earth.  In fact, seniors probably have the most to gain from […]

To Survive at Fountain of Youth, Bring Water-Part 4

Self-Reliance and Rugged Individualism Going to Burning Man is like returning to the days when America was known for individualism, self-reliance and an antithesis to rules and regulations.  You prepare yourself as the pioneers did, packing all of your own food, water and supplies.  There are no landline services to the Playa, so power is […]

To Survive at Fountain of Youth, Bring Water-Part 3

It’s the Economy Stupid Not since Adam Smith has an economic model been turned on its head so thoroughly.  Burning Man is a “gifting” economy.  There are only two things for sale – ice and coffee (or tea if you so choose).  Otherwise, everything is free – or gifted in the parlance of Black Rock […]

To Survive at Fountain of Youth, Bring Water-Part 2

What Is Burning Man? Burning Man is a celebration of self-expression.  That makes descriptions of the Festival problematical since it leaves a unique impression on each of the 40,000 attendees (or citizens, as we were called).  For me, it first seemed mostly about the art.  But eventually it became an adventure in risk-taking and stepping […]

To Survive at Fountain of Youth, Bring Water-Part 1

A few hours after you arrive at Black Rock City, a new mood takes hold.  You pull on an outrageous outfit, set a propeller beanie cap on your head, and discard your inhibitions.  You’ve become one with Burning Man, the yearly anything-goes celebration of being whoever you want to be for one week in the […]

Making the Most of Your Best

The formula for building and retaining a great staff is simple:  create an environment that rewards excellence, optimize talent by putting the same intensity into developing people that you put into achieving other goals, and raise the visibility of your team (not just yourself). But the execution is devilishly difficult and a challenge to personal […]