Dinner With Van Gogh

A poem that dreams me into the painting “Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum- Arles at Night” One of the many paintings that I wish I could live in… A forgotten street cafe, Wrought iron on cobbled stone. There- tucked beneath golden light Cradled by amber awnings, We were encapsulated by The indigenous indigo night. […]

Playing With Winter

The fickle March skies vacillated all morning before they decided on a blizzard to shake things up. The muted horizon took on a darker shadow as the snowflakes erupted as far as the eye could see. Their mass exodus from the atmosphere was an immaculate moving blur. Disorienting and dizzying, the whimsical frozen flecks continued to […]

Surviving Food Allergies

Learning to live with food allergies is something that changes your life. While many food allergies develop in children, a growing number of adult onset cases have been reported in the last decade. Food allergies can include multiple items. Some common allergens are nuts, shellfish, fruits, gluten, milk, There is a distinct difference between a […]