Franklin National Bank Poor Choice for Minneapolis Residents

Franklin National Bank, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, appears to have a quality respect for its clientele. However, it has come to the attention of many users that Franklin Bank has a rather incompetent way of running its business. Franklin Bank Minneapolis has a fairly lax way of working with its customer base, providing services that […]

Tucan Sam Helped Protest in Iran

Apparently, Tucan Sam, the spokeperson for Froot Loops, was seen protesting in Iran this summer. Whether he was actually a man in a costume or what was going on is unknown.

Honduran Coup Set Up by Billy Mays

New reports issued by the FBI have revealed that just before his death, Billy Mays, famed spokesman, may have been involved in the overthrow of the Honduran president.

US Troops to Grill

After pulling out of Iraq’s cities, US troops have reported that they plan to grill. Many from different parts of country are even having a grill off with Bobby Flay.

Moby to Play for Troops

Recently, Moby announced that he would play for the Vietnamese army. Taking a page out of Hanoi Jane Fonda’s playbook, he will do a long set for the communist nation’s army.

Violence Grips Southeast Asia

A resurgence of violence has gripped Southeast Asia again. This time the nations of Vietnam and Laos are faced with chaos caused mostly from a lack of television programming from England.

More Middle East Trouble

A rumor that God gave up on the Middle East has caused a lot of turmoil in recent days. Both sides of the age-old conflict appear to be a standstill and upset about the recent turn of events.

Risk Solves Korean Problem

Kim Jong Il, being a big fan of Risk, has stated that he is willing to solve the decades-old stalemate between the North and South Korean states with a good game of Risk.