OJ Simpson to Join Taliban

A report recently stated that OJ Simpson has made a deal to escape from prison and join the Taliban. Federal investigators have declined to comment.

Bodybuilders to Attack Japan

Recently, body builders at a local gym decided they would attempt to travel back in time and defeat the Japanese Navy before they were able to attack Pearl Harbor.

World Series Ends Afghan Election

Afghan election over due to the World Series. Apparently Abdullah Abdullah is a big fan of the Phillies and decided it was more important to watch the rest of the series than stand for reelection.

Rybak Seen at White Castle

Mayor Rybak won reelection and was spotted after his victory party visiting a Lake Street White Castle. According to the report, he then banged on the door on the local recruitment center for no real reason.

Ninjas Attack Medvedev

Reports came in early in month that ninjas had attacked Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation. Apparently, the attack was unsuccessful and the ninjas were captured by Medvedev and Kremlin forces.

Ninjas Held for Questioning

According to the recent report, the survivors of the ninjas that attacked Medvedev earlier in the month are being held for questioning by the Russians.

How Many People Drive Hybrid Cars?

A number of people all over the world drive hybrid cars. They are highly prevalent throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The great benefit of hybrid cars is that they take less gas to run than standard cars. This helps the environment and gives you a real reason to give a hybrid car a try.

Best Hybrid Cars

Only the best hybrid cars are release in the United States. While there are literally hundreds of models all over the road everywhere. It’s important to understand that we only release great models with the best in gas mileage.