Turkey Dogs and Beans Casserole

Piggybacking on the traditional mix of hot dogs and beans, this casserole uses the same principles with the added flare of peppers and corn. Additionally, the use of turkey dogs and vegetarian beans cuts down on the fat content, making this a generally healthy alternative for family dinner night. 1 12 oz package turkey dogs, […]

4 Cheese Pasta Bake

A rich and hearty pasta bake, this recipe makes great use of a variety of Italian spices and four types of cheese. The vegetables work great with the unique shape of the cavatappi pasta. The sauce can use nearly any red wine, but the best option is Pinot Noir, bringing out the natural taste of […]

Cheeseburger Turkey Loaf

Using turkey in a traditional meatloaf recipe is one of the best ways to get a homestyle taste with the health benefits of a lower fat meat. This Cheeseburger Turkey Loaf takes that concept and adds the deliciousness of a drive-in hamburger. With its cheesy center and pickles and tomatoes, this recipe ends up every […]

Easy Manhattan Clam Chowder

Unlike it’s New England-based cousin, this easy Manhattan clam chowder is a more delicate soup with a strong Italian tomato flavor. The red potatoes add the hardiness, while the bacon provides a smoky flavor. Fresh clams can obviously be substituted for the canned ones, just be sure to clean them thoroughly before adding to the […]

Swordfish Salad

A twist on traditional tuna fish salad, this recipe uses swordfish in place of the tuna. The fleshy, full-range flavors and texture of the swordfish add a richness to the salad that few other fish can provide. Serve on high quality wheat bread or multi grain crackers to round out the flavor. Can be topped […]

Radish Potato Salad

A spin on a traditional potato salad, this recipe utilizes the strong flavors of radishes. It also omits a main component found in many potato salad recipes: onion. This makes it a great option for those who don’t like the taste of fresh onions. The skin on red potatoes add the heartiness necessary to deliver […]

Totally Turkey Tetrazzini

A great use for Thanksgiving leftovers or simply a good weeknight recipe for the family. This creamy turkey tetrazzini combines the elegance of linguine with vegetables and cheese. After it is baked, it balances the crunchiness with smoothness. It’s flavors everyone in the family can enjoy. 1 16 oz box of linguine 1/2 C butter […]

Cilantro Lime Rice

This rice dish is the perfect side for a great Mexican meal and works particularly well with seafood or chicken. While it is light, the zest from the lime and heat from the chipotle neither overpower or swell into the background. One of the primary ingredients, chipotle bullion cubes, can easily be found in Mexican […]