Does Alli Fat Blocker Work?

Alli works by blocking some of the fat that you eat keeping it from being absorbed by your body. Alli is meant to be followed in conjunction with a sound diet and exercise plan. Don’t expect to lose a large number of weight by taking the pill alone. Alli should also not be taken if […]

Treating and Preventing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome or (IBS) effects millions.

The Mayan Calendar-End of Days

The Mayan Calendar was taken from the Pyramid of Kukulkan, which was constructed during the Mayan period.  The stairways and platforms of the pyramid were used as the calendar equaling 365 days of the year.  There are several distinct calendars used in the Mayan civilization.  One is the 260 days calendar called Tzolkin, which is […]

South Beach Diet Phase 1 Recipes

Mayonnaise is something you just can’t have during phase 1. You can however, create your own mayonnaise that you can use in other South Beach phase 1 snacks. It’s also a great alternative for people that don’t even like mayonnaise. You will need: 1 cup of light olive oil 1 egg 1 lemon or vinegar […]

Vic Stewart’s in Brentwood CA

My favorite restaurant so far has got to be Vic Stewarts in Brentwood CA.  I’m not talking Brentwood Los Angeles either, I’m talking about Northern California.  Vic Stewarts is an upscale steakhouse with great dining and bar areas.  In the bar area you are graced with old school cowboy rangling pictures and bull heads.  The […]

Summer Activities for Kids in Contra Costa County

Activities for kids in Contra Costa County.