Why is it Always the Ninja’s Fault?

3 shattered coffee cups, 3 messily dismantled ink cartridges, one worn out electric pencil sharpener, 721 pencil stubs (that is how many pencils it takes to wear out an electric pencil sharpener), and one semi-melted microwave oven. That’s it. That is the only damage that has occurred at the office in the last two weeks. […]

Sherperd Pie, tasty rabbits and female drivers.

Did you ever have one of those mornings where when you got up your left hip seems to be out of socket, your right arm is so sore and stiff you can’t move it and your neck is so twisted and sore that you finally get to see how hairy your back is? Well I […]

I think my boss hates me.

I think I might be in trouble. I did something today at the Homes for Heroes office that might not be in line with office policy. At first it went unnoticed, I had done a pretty good job of covering it up. Then some office “do gooder” had to blurt out loud enough for my […]

Is being frugal fun? You bet it is. Sort of.

With all the panic and hysteria being brought about from our politicians we can’t help but hunker down for a good old fashion depression. I don’t think it will be a shoe boiling depression for a couple of reasons; because when I boiled my shoes at the Homes for Heroes office, no one wanted to […]

Obama’s stimulus plan isn’t that much different than mine.

I don’t know why there are so many people upset with this bail out plan. We have all been there haven’t we? You know, paying one credit card off with the other. I do it all the time. It works real swell. As long as I have income I have no problems. Sing these next […]

Just how hard can you hit your kid?

Had the radio going during lunch today. I usually sit at my desk at the Homes for Heroes office for lunch. It affords me time to rummage the office without too many questions. I heard something on the radio that made me laugh out loud. The commercial was dealing with kids concussions. Not that I […]

Did you get your free lunch? Mine cost me.

Did you get out to Denny’s for the free Grand Slam meals yesterday? I planned on going very early thinking I would beat the crowd. I called some staffers at the Homes for Heroes office asking if they would be interested in joining me for a free breakfast. Most of the staff at Homes for […]

What’s in a Tongue and Why is it Spelled Funny?

My apologies up front. I have been horribly distracted today and can’t seem to keep my mind focused for more than a couple of minutes. God knows how many times I have gotten up from my desk at Homes for Heroes and headed to another room only to stand in the new room not having […]