A Fond Retrospect Of Santana In Madeira

Santana is , at first glance, nothing more than an atypical agricultural parish situated in north east of Madeira. Returning visitors to Madeira will certainly have already enjoyed, or at least be aware of, the peculiarly unique attraction that Santana offers to those seeking a pleasurable day out. A fact well known to the many […]

Origin Of The Name Of Funchal In Madeira

About 20 million years ago, repeated volcano eruptions below the the Atlantic waves created an isolated archipelago. The volcano remained active for millions of years and gradually raised the mountainous inclines that today dominate the principal island of the archipelago. Eventually, the volcano became dormant and the fertile volcanic earth proved ideal for nurturing a […]

The Early Settlement Of Porto Moniz In Madeira

The origins of Porto Moniz stretches back to the fifteenth century, shortly after Madeira was first settled by the Portuguese. Unfortunately, the precise date of the founding of the village has been lost swirling in the endless passage of time. Originally given the title of Porto do Tristao, the settlement was located on the far […]

Funchal – The Motor That Drives Madeira

Madeira has long been reputed to be a destination for middle-aged and retiring tourists. The sub-tropical temperature; the lack of golden sand beaches; the traditional morals held by the strongly Roman Catholic local residents; and, its past guise as a convalescing island have all contributed to the generally held belief that Madeira is not a […]

Funchal Welcomes Visitors Again

A fortnight previous, the rainfall had been almost ceaseless. The thin earth on the volcanic Island of Madeira had become precariously soaked. Thus, on the twentieth day of February 2010, when copious rain started to beat down repeatedly on this paradise island in the mid-Atlantic, the conclusion was as unpreventable as it was catastrophic. Gushing […]

The Toboggan To Ride Without Snow

The sub-tropical island of Madeira is a frequent port of call for the large numbers of luxury cruise liners that criss-cross the Atlantic. It is also a favourite resting-place for young, honeymooning couples. However, for many people, it is a section of the holiday brochures that often goes neglected. Regretfully, Madeira is often considered to […]

If You Want To Get Your Ex Back – Then Tread Carefully

If there is one objectionable task that most of us have to weather, it’s a breaking-up with our lover. For the most part, the occurrence is charged with acrimony and ill feeling. But, in the long run, everybody usually surfaces unscathed. Thank goodness it’s over. That was certainly one cruel passage of your life and […]

Ribeiro Frio Where The Water Flows Cold In Madeira

Ribeiro Frio Madeira is a choice spot often disregarded by people on vacation to Madeira Island. Maybe this is because the destination is poorly served by public transport. Alternatively, possibly it is because the tourist guides usually forget to highlight it. Whatever the reason, it makes the uncovering of Ribeiro Frio’s rarely mentioned treasures all […]