Are You Carrying Swine Flu…Without Knowing It?

A new study shows that everyone infected with the swine flu virus H1N1 is taking the risk of infecting 1.5 other individuals – a full three days before symptoms like coughing and fever even begin to appear. The study appears in Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. Because this transmission rate is so high, and hard […]

Are Burglars Casing Your Facebook?

A recent insurance survey suggests that the modern criminal may no longer need to leave home to case your valuables, home and vacation schedule. All they’ve got to do is read your enthusiastic comments about new purchases and holiday plans on Facebook. Could you be putting your possessions in harm’s way by enjoying social media? […]

Will We Ever Have a Public Option in Health Care?

When President Barack Obama first proposed his health care reform, it seemed America had finally seen the day when her citizens could avail themselves of a public health care option – at least, where needed. But endless debate, town hall meetings and pontificating on news programs has beaten the idea of a public option to […]

How Much Sleep You Need Could Soon Change

Scientists have discovered a mutant gene in two individuals, a stunning discovery that could change the way we sleep and how many hours of shut-eye we need to receive. The amazing finding is the first time scientists have discovered a genetic mutation linked to time spent sleeping. Could this mutation be the answer to insomnia, […]

Dealing With the Rising Obesity Problem in Children

It may bring Norman Rockwell-like images to mind to think of young children with chubby cheeks and sweet little dimples in their elbows, but the hard fact is that the rising obesity problem in children could create serious health problems for them in adulthood. It’s important for everyone to maintain a healthy weight, but children […]

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Hate your job? Recent polls have proven that dissatisfaction with work is on the rise, and a large percentage of professionals hope to look for a new job when the economy improves. If you’re feeling less-than-enthusiastic about your job, you aren’t alone…but you probably already know that. You may not know what to do when […]

Do We Need National Emission Laws?

Car dealers and manufacturers in California argued recently about the need for national emission laws, a standard to which all vehicles can be set. While they debated, members of the Obama administration listened in on the proceedings. Could California, home to the Clean Air Act, soon be a standard for the entire country to follow? […]

Super Mario Flash Review

It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic for the video games of old. Remember when game controllers came with four buttons or less? When characters were two-dimensional but full of depth? …When you could actually beat video games, every once in a while? When you’re feeling a little nostalgic, old school or just like […]